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tune up

  1. I need help! Want more power and just an overall great running car!

    5.0L Tech
    OK so i am new here and i am looking to improve the overall performance of my mustang. I have a 1987 Mustang GT 5.0 HO. I bought the car from a guy and he rebuilt the motor to put a cam in it and bored it out a little. Plus he put a bad ass shift kit in the car. This car is great. Needs work but...
  2. 66 gt misfire at constant speed

    Classic Tech
    Hi all I have a 1966 mustang gt mostly original as my first car I've been driving it a lot recently and just yesterday while driving at any constant speed it misfires. But when I accelerate it's fine I have just put on new cap, rotor, wires and coil. It ran great with the new parts but now it...
  3. what tuner should i get?

    4.6L Tech
    hi im wondering what tuner would be best for my 04 mustang gt. does it matter what tunes i have done to it and such or does the tuner have everything built in it for me to just plug and play. please help it'd be much appreciated!!:) thanks
  4. best tune up brands?

    5.0L Tech
    sup guyzzz, I've been avoiding a tune and oil change for a while since I haven't been driving as much. So is there any new info on brands? i've been using RP 1030, MSD coil, wires, platinum plugs, motorcraft filter'(s) and pcv. Is there any other brands to consider for mostly stock fox? I heard...
  5. 90k Service time for my 2006 convertible... are coil packs needed?

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hello all, my 2006 V6 'vert will hit 90,000 miles this week. Am pondering what spark plugs & wires to buy. Am also wondering, do I really need to change out the coil pack? Anyone with personal experience please chime in... I'm on vacation next few days and I'm looking forward to some 'alone'...
  6. 1984 mustang svo getting 8 to 10 mpg !

    2.3L Tech
    Hi everyone just like the title says really bad mpg for a 4 cylinder turbo id say . Its been doing bad since i got it 3 months ago and been emptying my wallet with 4.29 a gallon at the pump !! Ever since ive done a tune up change spark plugs motorcraft . Cap and rotor motorcraft. Replaced fuel...
  7. Help with tune up

    Classic Tech
    I just bought a 64 1/2 Mustang and I have to do a tune up. Can anyone recommend what to change and to buy other than the oil filter, spark plugs, air filter, and spark plug cables. Thank you in advance for all your help.
  8. car running rich

    4.6L Tech
    i have an 02 gt with no cats, h-pipe, flowmasters, 75mm throttle body, and cold air intake. here is the problem, the car will randomly die at idle but it will start right back up, also sometimes ill start the car and it will make a loud popping sound (almost like a back fire) and then die but...
  9. 2000 GT has shakey idle

    4.6L Tech
    I have a 2000 Mustang GT with a manual tranny and 145,000 miles. When the car is at idle it tends to be sort of shaky. The RPMs aren't jumping around or anything like that. It just feels off. I have replaced the IAC, fuel filter, and spark plugs within the last 3 months. If there's anything else...
  10. 2000 GT running like new again.

    4.6L Tech
    I have a challenge for everybody surfing this website! I own a 2000 Mustang GT with a manual transmission. I am looking to make this car run like it just left the factory. I want you to give me a list of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you can think of that will make this happen. I am looking for a list...
  11. 1995 Mustang GT- Looking for a Parts List to Do a Tune Up

    5.0L Tech
    It has been about 12 years since I have done a tune up on a 5.0. I don't want to miss anything when doing the tune up. Does anyone know where I can find a parts list? Also are there any suggestions on part brands to use? At this point she is still all stock. Thanks.
  12. 1999 3.8l bucking after installing cats..

    4.6L Tech
    hey everybody, im new to the site and looking gor some tips.. i have a 1999 ford mustang 3.8l manual with 125,000 mi that i brought with the two rear cats cut off. i have now install two new cat converter and o2 sensors in the rear at my shop so i can get my car inspected. i know i have to let...
  13. Tune up after sitting for 5 years.

    Classic Tech
    My 1972 Grande Coupe has been sitting for 5 years. Now I have the time and the ability to get her back on the road. I've done some research but not getting the results I was hoping for. What are the best new engine parts to use on my 351C? Best plugs,wires,distributor..... I want to do it...
  14. My First Thread, 2001 Ford Mustang, and I need help with a tune up please

    V6 Talk
    I was wondering if anyone could explain how I could tune up my 2001 Mustang. I am a 20 year old single mom with a four year old and have always done my own auto repair, well not really, only oil changes, brake pad replacement, but I have not done a tune up. I do not like letting other people...
  15. 1989 Mustang runs terrible at highway speeds.

    2.3L Tech
    :needahand:ok here is the story... I purchased the car about a month or so ago and have been going thru it cleaning it up and trying to get it to run better. I thought i had done a pretty good job with the tuneup, plugs, wires, cap and rotor and fuel filter thus far. It ran wonderfull... in...
  16. Owner of an 1989 Mustang LX Hatchback

    I just purchased the car about 3 weeks ago, it was definately used, i posted some pictures already, it needs a tune up to say the least, so thats whats gonna happen first. I think after it has a tune up it will regain alot of its lost HP, or so I hope...
  17. its time for a tune up!

    5.0L Talk
    so far im gonna get the msd cap and rotor, spark plugs (any recommendations) msd blaster coil, and i dont know what wires yet, whats the difference between different sized wires? just wondering because the msd 9.5mm wires cost like $90 and the Taylor Street Thunder 8mm wires are $30...also Ford...