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  1. Question about tuning setups chip or a stand alone unit

    5.0L Tech
    hello everyone, I have to tune my computer system but im not sure witch way to go about this. I know the best way to do this is with a stand alone system like the one from anderson motorsports. I was going to go to fastlane motorsports in dunn benson and have a custom chip burnt witch would be...
  2. stock 289 w/ 10 mpgs? do u get better?

    Classic Talk
    I have recently rebuilt my engine (289 w/ 3500 miles) and tranny (c4 w/ 10,000). It was a stock rebuild, although i know the the cam was replaced, i beleive it was a stock replacement b/c it performs not much better than b4 the rebuild.The reason it was rebuilt was because the crank was...
  3. Need help with engine bogging problems after upgrading 06 GT

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    I have been looking through the forums and have yet to find and answer to my issue. I recently installed a CAI, delete plates, UDP, high flow CATs and x-pipe and axle back exhaust. All parts are from Steeda. I tunned the car with an SCT SF3 with the canned tunes that it shipped with from Steeda...