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turn signal switch

  1. 1968 Coupe Electrical & Engine Q's

    Classic Tech
    Little bit about my car: 1968 Ford Mustang Coupe, 302 2 Barrel. 1st Question: I installed LED tail lights a few weeks ago and had fully operational lights both before and after the installation. Shortly after I put in new disc brakes using granada spindles and a power booster. After the...
  2. Smoking turn signal

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys so I had the problem earlier with a smoke coming from my turn signal switch I ended up replacing the switch as well as a new headlight harness. The problem still happens so I'm wondering if its the turn signal housing unit? The wiring looks ok but the whole unit looks corroded I have a...
  3. Turn signal/electircal help

    Classic Tech
    So instead of spending hundreds of dollars at the shop trying to fix my turn signal I decided to try and fix it myself. I replaced the turn signal switch to no avail. I then tried replacing the turn signal housing unit. Ended up getting the passenger side unit instead of the driver side that I...
  4. 67 Mustang Turn Signal rebuild?

    Classic Tech
    I have a 67 mustang, I have a problem with my left turn signal coming on by itself sometimes when I hit a bump, etc. This has caused my left brake light to stop working because the lever won't return completely re-enabling the brake light to work. I think it might be a spring inside of the...
  5. 1987 Mustang multi function switch wire help

    5.0L Tech
    I have an 87 mustang gt. The multifunction harness has melted and some wires have come loose and out of harness. I have a 91 harness but the wires are not the same color for patching in. Can anyone help me with this issue. thanks in advance. Mark :?:
  6. 1968 Mustang Turn signal Switch Cam removal?

    Classic Tech
    Can someone please explain to me how to take apart the turn signal switch in my 1968 Mustang; So I may remove the cam, and replace it with a functioning non-broken cam? Thank you!
  7. 66 turn signal switch upgrade?

    Classic Tech
    im having trouble with my brake lights on my 66 mustang and ive managed to trace it to the tur signal switch. i restored this car less than a year ago (upgraded the wiring to a painless system) and this is the third switch that had gone bad. i remember seeing an upgraded turn signal switch a...
  8. turn signal cancellation mechanism problem on 1966 fastback

    Classic Tech
    Hi all, I recently replaced the turn signal cancellation mechanism on my 1966 Fastback. Now the turn signal comes on by itself when the wheels are turned and there is a clicking sound from the steering column when turning. I believe it has to do with the positioning of the mechanism on the...
  9. '65 signal switch busted?

    Classic Tech
    Well i have been working on wiring my 1965 coupe for the past few days and i can't seem to get my left front parking light to signal. All the other signals on the car work, except for this one. When i put it on, both front turn signals go at the same time, like a hazard light signal. They also...