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  1. 5.0L Tech
    Hey guys i have a 95 twin turbo mustang 5.0 gt and i have installed them my self and i'm pretty happy with the over looks of my job as in my welding, where i placed them, the customization's i did to fix everything in there. But.... as far as running i'm not to happy at all with. this was...
  2. 4.6L Tech
    Hey guys! I just ordered my Hellion twin turbo kit for my 2004 Mach 1 but I am a bit stuck on deciding what cams and heads I should use. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!:)
  3. Superchargers+Turbochargers
    been having this idea recently and curious what the outcome would be. i have a 02 mustang gt basically stock and was wondering what characteristics would i see if i was to do a twin turbo setup using 2 of garret's gt15 turbos. they flow enough for 150hp each which is more then a stock pi 4.6 @...
  4. Superchargers+Turbochargers
    I'm thinking of adding twin turbo to my 2014 GT and wondering what would I need to upgrade if I plan on doing so. Trying to find out how much I would be spending as well and if it's worth it.
  5. 5.0L Tech
    Ive got a 1991 Mustang Gt, with a mostly stock 302 shortblock. I hear a lot of smack talk on "Ebay Turbos" but was wondering how bad they really are? I want to turbo My mustang and run just like 7-8 pounds of boost. The Turbo Kit: 1979 1993 Ford Mustang Twin Turbo Kit 750HP Package TT 260 289...
  6. 2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hey guys, I drew up an idea for a twin turbo setup because I haven't been able to find any kits for twin turbos for our cars. Let me know if you know of anyone who has tried this and what problems they faced with it. I am going to be building this piece by piece myself and I know it will be...
  7. 5.0L Tech
    i want to build a 347 for my mustang. but im not sure what exactly ill need, like crank size so on and so forth. i know its a stroked 302. and i eventually wanna twin turbo it. if someone could help me here id be forever grateful! thanks guys!
  8. 2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hey everyone, just curious if anyone knows anything about STS turbos? I called the local high performance shop where I live and they suggested I get their rear mounted twin turbo kit for my car. not mentioning price, purely information only...should I get a rear mounted twin turbo kit for my...
  9. 5.0L Talk
    i have an 1987 ford 302 its the speed density setup but i came across a post on CL for a pair of gt40 heads.. how much more power would it give me? and i also found a pair of twin turbos on CL. "Ford 302/351w T3 turbo headers and 2- 52.7mm turbos with .63 T3 exhaust housings with internal...
  10. 5.0L Tech
    hello mustangs. i have a 94 mustang 5.0 and i wanted to know what kind of piston do i have in my enegine
  11. Introduce Yourself | No Tech Questions Please!
    hello all, i could really use some help. I bought a twin turbo ford, v-8 and i have never owned turbos. What should i do first? I just got the truck running. I am not sure what motor it has. i had to adjust the carb, as it has been sitting for about a year and a half. Can i get some suggestions...
  12. 5.0L Tech
    i need help instaling a twin turbo on my stock 88 5.0 im in the dark on this one. i know i need injectors and fule but what els how do i tune it. no mass air
  13. V6 Tech
    hey im planning on getting a mustang and making it into a drift car im planning on using a v6 and either turboing it twin turbos or supercharge whats best for price and power as well as reliability for drifting and normal driving also easier install thanks for any input
  14. 5.0L Talk
    Hey guys, i am in the process of taking the engine out of my 1991 mustang gt. I have already bought most of the parts to put on the engine, i have gt40p heads, trick flow upper and lower intake, and a 80mm throttle body. I am sending the bottom end out to get rebuilt, and i was planning on doing...
  15. V6 Tech
    I was wondering what the best shiftkit would be for my 2001 Mustang Coupe and how much would it be? Also was wondering what the best/cost CAI, Flowmasters, Supercharger/Twin turbos for it also.
  16. 4.6L Tech
    If so, can u help shed some light for me on the steps required to get to this level. i dont wanna waste money on mods that im gunna end up removing wen the turbo/s come in
1-16 of 16 Results