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  1. 5.0L Tech
    Looked up u-joints for my 88 mustang LX V8 and they came up with two different U-joints one for AOD and one for T5. I have a mustang that was factory a AOD car Im swapping a T5 into it but using my AOD Driveshaft. Does this mean I need to get the AOD u-joints?
  2. V6 Tech
    I took my 1998 Mustang to the shop due to a leaking manifold gasket, and while there the mechanics gave me a laundry list of undercarriage issues to deal with. I just spent a bunch of money on the engine, so I thought it best to decline the other jobs and just do the work myself. I am a...
  3. V6 Tech
    Hey All, So I've got a 1999 3.8l Mustang(obv.), 5 speed. The car has been great so far, but I cant seem to get rid of that rocking/heaving from a stop. I want to say its the U-Joints, but from the video, I'm not so sure. Could be the part where the transmission connects to the shorty...
  4. Classic Tech
    allow me to bounce this one off you just for the hell of it: what all is involved on swapping to a 1350 pinion yoke on a 9" diff? does the center section need to come apart to properly set a new crush sleeve? or can i just swap'em out with a rattle gun using the old sleeve? i know what the...
1-4 of 4 Results