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v6 3.8 liter

  1. saying hi, new user

    hi im new to this and i have had a problem since ive boughten my first mustang. it's a 1985 mustang convirtable v6 3.8 liter. i needed help because ive changed the throtle positioning sensor and MAP sensor but my car is still running to lean and will not idle at all. but when you pull the vapor...
  2. 1983 Mustang Idleing is irregular

    V6 Tech
    We have done a Tune up on the car along with rebuilding the Carberator. The Car fluxuates in Idle speed from 2 grand on down and back up again. We are not sure if its a vacuum problem or something else in the Carberator. Also the car will not idle on its own when the engine is cold, i have to...