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  1. 99 3.8 mustang vibration problem

    V6 Tech
    Hello all. First I would like to say I'm new here and I appreciate any help in advance. So the other day I bought a 99 v6 automatic for the low price of $600. The car is in good condition other than some faded paint on the hood. I know the family i bought the car from and they just wanted it...
  2. O/D light blinking (v6, 3.8, automatic) after transmission oil change

    V6 Tech
    Hello I am from Toronto. This is in regards to my automatic 2000 Mustang v6, 3.8L base model. I bought the pre-owned car in 2007 with 1,21,000 kms already on it. This January (2015), with temperatures in Toronto going in the negative and lots of snow, I had to go overseas for 9 months and I...
  3. Analog and Digital Fuel Gauges on the Blink

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hi all, Have a 2007 V6 automatic with about 60,000 miles on it. The analog fuel gauge and digital readout of remaining miles match pretty closely, but both are wrong, reading about half of what's in the tank at any time. I guess it's the sensor unit, but, since they match, is it possible that...
  4. 2000 Mustang Convertible intermittent high speed vibration

    V6 Tech
    My daughter's 2000 3.8L Convertible with an automatic has an intermittent vibration at highway speeds. It isn't always present but when it is the vibration is strongest at around 70 mph and usually begins to be felt around 55-60 mph. After 75-80 it will also lessen. The first item I had done...
  5. 2013 V6 Mustang Automatic Transmission Trouble

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    I've had my Mustang for less than a month. The miserable thing has already broken. It started Friday evening. I was driving my car and came to a stop at a red light. When the signal turned green, I proceeded forward. All of a sudden the car violently shifts into another gear. I drive until I...
  6. 2002 mustang v6 automatic mod questions.

    V6 Tech
    Hello everyone, Just some questions. I just bought a used mustang and I want to do some interior and exterior upgrades. For the interior, I want to install a nice auto shift lever, something like this, my car also has overdrive...
  7. automatic 2005 Mustang V6 over rev while racing

    V6 Tech
    hey guys i was racing a hatchback the other day and i drive a automatic so i go from 1,2 then 3 for my rpms to be higher. but when i went into second my engine started to over rev and it finally stop. now my exhaust makes a weird noise and engine makes weird noises when it idels. i also feel...