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  1. 1998 3.8L Automatic to Manual Transmission Swap Questions

    V6 Tech
    Hey all, first thread so go easy. I have a 1998 and I want to drop and manual transmission in. Ive been looking for junk v6's in my area that i could use as donor cars but all i can find are automatics. I did however find a 1994 5.0L with a manual transmission and im wondering if that would...
  2. 2002 V6 Mustang - Just looking for some mild modifications.

    V6 Talk
    It's the 3.8 V6; 2002 Model. I'm just wanting to add a little spice to it. It looks good but constantly gets toyed with by damn near everything. I'm just looking for some slight mods to give it a little edge, I plan on getting staggered deep dish wheels and maybe lowering it just a tad. I'd...
  3. Whats the best tune for my V6 with the mods I've done.

    V6 Tech
    I am wondering what the best tune would be best for my car with everything I will have done on my car; New plugs and wires, MAC LT's, MAC Prochamber midpipe, dual 40's, CAI, and 3.73 gears with T-Lok. But I am looking to get the "most bang for the buck". I want to get power while still...
  4. Ram Air Shaker System+CAI+Tuner +Throttle Body+ Long Tubes with H-Pipe power gains?

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hey guys, I'm thinking about purchasing a CDC Ram Air Shaker System with a C&L Cold Air Intake, an SCT tuner with a Bama tune, a BBK 70MM Throttle Body, PaceSetter Long Tube Headers, and a PaceSetter Shorty H-Pipe. Can anyone estimate power gains? I sold a lot of spare things I had, and made...
  5. 2000 v6 what to add for more power

    V6 Tech
    i have a 2000 3.8l v6 mustang and i want to know what upgrade should i do next? i have $700 to spend and i'm going to make some more over the summer. i already have a cai and h pipes, gt take offs, magnaflow mufflers, i want to eventully get it supercharged or turbo'ed, i was think a sct flash...
  6. I need some suggestions for 2000 Mustang

    Hey i just bought a 2000 v6 mustang and its pretty much stock at the moment and i was wondering what are the best performance mods to buy and apply to my mustang what can i do to make it sound mean and get some good hp? can i have some suggestions? and some recconmendations? please and...
  7. Looking For More HP in my 3.8 Vs Mustang

    V6 Tech
    Hey Guys, I Drive a 1995 V6 mustang, and it looks good, and is fun to drive, but I am looking for a way(s) to draw a few more ponies from her. I am not looking for thousand dollar mods, rather I am looking for a few mods at a couple hundred bucks each (i.e. cold air intake). Any ideas out...