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  1. Another rear axle I6 to V8 conversion thread

    Classic Talk
    I'm looking togradually convert my I6 to a full V8 with 8 cylinder suspension and disk brakesall the way around. My first order of business is to do the rear end axle swap.I've looked at many rear axles and have seen many of the 9" for sale butI'm looking for something that I could just bolt...
  2. Headers or v8 on 1966 inline 6

    Classic Tech
    Right now I am deciding between getting headers for my inline 6 or getting the conversion kit for either a 289 or 302. I want more power but I would prefer torque over horsepower and I heard headers will help with that. How hard would it be to put a v8 in and how hard would it be to take it out...
  3. 1968 Mustang Switching from 4 lug, to 5 lug Hubs. whats the best option

    Classic Tech
    So ive been switching out my 1968 Mustang with the I6 to a 351W. I have the Rear switched, and now working on the front. What is the best system to go with for Converting it to a 5 Bolt Hub, and spindle. I dont want to spend $1000 on a kit, when i know i could make something else work. Does...
  4. 1966 Rear End Conversion

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    25 years ago, the prior owner of my '66 hardtop replaced the original i6 with a 289 from a 1969 mustang (so he said). I think the conversion ended there. The car still has everything else as if it were still an i6 - brakes, rear end, 4 lug axles, worn out steering box etc etc etc. I just got...
  5. 1968 mustang 5.0, T5, 8.8 swap questions.

    Classic Tech
    hey there, I've recentl picked up another coupe, a 1968 mustang 6 cylinder 3 speed coupe I'll be using for a daily driver for a while. I'm restoring the 1964 1/2 and everything is going as planned, everything is stripped, cleaning it up some and just about to start replacing the floor panels...
  6. Need help fast on drivetrain conversion

    Classic Tech
    Hello everyone. Tomorrow a local salvage yard is having a 50% off sale so I figure that's the incentive I need to get moving on my project. I have a 1965 6 cylinder coupe. I want to convert to a v8 and need advice on what to start with. Now I know this is not easy and I know I'm going to have to...
  7. 1992 Mustang 4 cylinder swap to 5.0L EFI with no fuel pressure

    2.3L Tech
    Hello, I am currently finishing up a 4 cyl to 5.0L swap to my 1992 coupe. I have two things left that aren't very clear from the wiring diagrams/manuals or anything else I've read or heard. First, is there a special relay for the fuel pump that is different from the 4 cyl car that needs to be...