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vacuum lines

  1. vaccum line help 92 gt

    I just started restoring my 92 gt and im working in my vacuum lines. Its all stock and I have one I have no idea where it connects too.. please help me guys. Its so old its cut
  2. Performer RPM ii Vacuum set up

    5.0L Tech
    Need a little bit of help with the Edelbrock Performer RPM ii EFI intake vacuum lines. Got the one under the plenum hooked to the far left of the vacuum tree, back of the intake to the pcv, and back of intake to fuel pressure regulator and one capped. When I unhook the one under the plenum it...
  3. 1988 Mustang GT idle issue.

    5.0L Talk
    Hi guys. I'm new to fixing cars let alone my '88 mustang GT. I was changing the valve cover gaskets and after the upper plenum bolted back on (as dumb as I am) I forgot how the vacuum lines went. When the car starts runs REAAAALLY rough and is running extremely rich and after a minute or so...
  4. the confusing vacuum line diagrams

    5.0L Tech
    hi all, ive tried using these diagrams but they confuse the hell out of me is there a simple way of reading these? I tried starting from the smog pump and work my way back but i only get so far, some of these lines divide into 2 and idk where they go there are two of those things with 2 inserts...
  5. How to Delete Smog Lines?

    5.0L Tech
    I need some help, the guy I bought my car from a while ago deleted the smog pump and left all the smog lines hanging around, the only ones that are coming from the black vacuum cluster are the one that goes to the egr and the one to the intake. How to I go about getting rid of this mess behind...
  6. 1966 Mustang coupe 220ci vacuum line questions

    Classic Tech
    The 200 ci engine in the 66 coupe i recently got has no vacuum lines attached to the vacuum line spots at the front of my engine. can someone tell me where they are supposed to go, so i can put them on. The engine is running horribly.
  7. Help geting my new motor to idle.

    5.0L Tech
    I recently put fluids in my new 5.0 motor and started it, after a bit of timing adjustment, I got it to run (with my foot pressing on the gas). But when I take my foot off the car shuts off. I was inspecting vacuum lines and I thought the MAP was hooked up wrong, I had it attached to one of the...
  8. 1999 GT S/C vacuum lines for bypass valve

    4.6L Talk
    One final question on the S/C install. I'm almost done with my Vortech V1 install. I'm not sure on the best place to tee the Bypass valve into. Vortech says this: Route the vacuum line to the bypass valve and tee into the FMU vacuum line with the the supplied tee. and then they say this...
  9. 2006 roush 4.6L supercharger vacuum lines

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    I Just put a 4.6L supercharger motor in my 2006 mustang. Last night I put on the supercharger and started to hook everything backup. I noticed on the drivers side of the supercharger there were 4 vacuum lines( I believe this is correct). I was just wondering if anyone had an idea on where these...