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valve cover gasket

  1. 2002 Mustang V6 Valve Cover Gasket Write Up

    V6 Tech
    The reason I replaced my valve cover gaskets was because my oil was leaking into my spark plug well and it caused my car to have a really hard idle and misfire. After switching the gaskets, sparkplugs, and wires the leak stopped and my car has been driving better than ever. I'm not responsible...
  2. Expert Advice?? I may have overtorqued my gaskets...

    Classic Tech
    I just recently got my engine back from the shop and started assembling it. I could not find any torque specs so I just made them what I felt to me "adequately tightened". Unfortunately now my oil pan and valve cover gaskets are bulging out at each bolt. I tried loosening the bolt but it...
  3. Valve Cover Gasket Question

    2.3L Tech
    For the valve cover that says, Ford Turbo (aluminium), I used the cork valve cover gasket. This thing just LEAKS and is garbage in my opinion. Any suggestions, and/or part numbers for a good, non-cork gasket? Thanks! Turbo Drew :circlingsmilies
  4. smoke after valve cover gasket replacement

    5.0L Tech
    So i just changed my valve cover gaskets, i had to pull out to upper intake manifold to get close to the rockers. I changed the gasket that sits between the upper intake and the lower intake while doing this as well. Now initially i had forgotten to put back the pcv pipe into the lower intake...