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valve covers

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  1. Classic Tech
    Hi everyone, Long time since my last post, though it's been a long time since I've turned a wrench on the car. Finally I had a problem and some time. So I'd like to simply share my experience in the the hope someone might save some time and money in the future by reading this. Recently I...
  2. Classic Tech
    Just cleaning up '66's engine today and have a real cloudy/anti-shine look on my Edelbrock elite series aluminum valve covers that I just cant get rid of. No rust on them. Just curious of the experience of others out there that may have dealt with these aluminum valve covers before, or have any...
  3. V6 Tech
    I have to admit that I am more ambitious than knowledgeable in this dept. I have changed many things in my engine bay but this is one category that seems a little stressful. I am looking to update and COLOR my 2004 3.8L v6 Manifold and valve covers and would ultimately like a photo step by step...
  4. V6 Tech
    What the title says...ive done some research and I dont see anyone having main issues with their engines after deleting their PCV system. I was just wondering what you guys thought. I have a 99 v6 which is horrible with oil coming from PCV so i made a catch can and changed the valve cover but...
  5. 2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Has anyone ordered/installed these: Ford Racing Performance Parts Do they come with the bolts? Some vendors claim that that do and some say that you reuse the original one. They look nice, and I managed to get a crack in the PCV fitting on the LH valve cover, so I guess I need new valve covers.
  6. 5.0L Talk
    I bought a brand new set of ford racing valve covers for efi engines and I go to put them on my new heads and both stick up about a half inch on the backside! I figured made in america would be better then some chinese stuff but now I wonder... to get them to fit I had to mill down some unused...
  7. Classic Talk
    So im ready to replace my stock valve covers with a pair of new ford racing valve covers I got. I purchased felpro cork gaskets as well as sealent. can anyone give me a quick how to on doing this. I have a idea but some things such as how to apply the sealent and how much to tighten the covers...
1-7 of 8 Results