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  1. Mustang GT Hood/Cowl spring?

    4.6L Tech
    This spring was sitting in between the hood and the cowl vent. I attached an image of it. I believe it's always been there since I've had the car. I'd notice it every now and then and thought it was attached somehow and was holding something together. For some reason today I decided to check...
  2. Cowl Repair Question

    Classic Tech
    Howdy, I am a NEWBIE, so I'll probably be here a lot. My 66 Coupe projectis justgetting started, and thecar overall is pretty solid. It almost doesn't needit, but there's just enough corrosion for me to do the cowl hat repair that seems to be called "the rite of passage" for classic 'stangers...
  3. Will a 94 defroster vent fit in a 99?

    4.6L Talk
    Strange question, I know. Tried to search it but I can't find anything. EBay lists 94-98, 99-04, but I've seen 94-04 also. Help please! My vent has a snapped piece and it sticks up.
  4. refurb of 69 AC vent ball louver

    Classic Tech
    I have a "ball louver" for the passenger AC vent in my 69 (factory air) that I am refurbishing. the "ball louver" floats loosely in the housing. This is because the black felt (normally attached to the inside of the housing) that normally provides a friction fit to hold the louver in place, is...
  5. 2002 Ford Mustang left air vent louver missing

    V6 Talk
    I have the 2002 Ford Mustang V6, Base, and I can't for the life me find this particular part. It's a Air Vent Louver insert on the left of the steering wheel pointing at the driver window. I have checked every ford parts and other commercial venders' sites and still can't find it. Does anyone...
  6. Smoke or steam coming from vents???

    Classic Tech
    Hey everyone, im a college kid with a 66 inline 6 coupe. recently as im driving smoke comes out of the vent on top of the dash board. Its not dark color, or hot when i put my hand over it so i dont know what it could be, if im at a stop sign it will stop, but as soon as i go it will come again...
  7. 1995 Mustang 5.0 exhaust Question and air only coming out of windshield vent

    5.0L Talk
    I just purchased a 1995 Mustang Gt it is bone stock with only 49000 miles on it. I know I want to put an exhaust on it but I do not want issues with the check engine light from the O2 sensors. I am told that in order to not deal with that I can only change out the pipes after the muffler...