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  1. Mustang / Ford Related News
    Ride along this raucous rivalry for first place between Andrew Smith's Cobra and Chris Ward's Jaguar E-Type at the RAC TT hosted by Goodwood.
  2. Mustang / Ford Related News
    At Resurection 2, the small-tire drag race at North Carolina's Piedmont Dragway, this turbo Mustang took its driver on the ride of their lives...
  3. Mustang / Ford Related News
    Virtually experience all the different exhaust modes on offer from Roush Performance.
  4. Mustang / Ford Related News
    Bored of the same old, same old Camaro vs Mustang trope? Well here's a new one for you, Chevy's sleeper sedan with a 6.2L V8 takes on a Mustang GT to entertaining results. Buddy in the GT could use a lesson or two...
  5. Mustang / Ford Related News
    The Million Dollar Monster Truck... It's a custom built bling machine out and about for its first scoot around the mud bog. The attention to detail is incredible but we can't help but wonder what exactly the point of it all is.
  6. Mustang / Ford Related News
    The Monticello Motor Club had a chance to wind out a brand new Focus RS, making it dance on their skidpad. Courteously, they filmed the ordeal in 360-degree video...
  7. Mustang / Ford Related News
    Ford Performance had a special treat for their factory backed NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers: a Ford GT Heritage Edition. See what the boys had to say about Ford's latest supercar!
  8. Mustang / Ford Related News
    The perils of vintage racing...
  9. Mustang / Ford Related News
    This 2017 Shelby GT350 wearing manufacturer plates showed up in Mustang Alley during the 2016 Woodward Dream Cruise...
  10. Mustang / Ford Related News
    At Outlaw Armageddon, Beater Bomb nearly met its maker. But it wasn't meant to be and the turbo LSx Fox lives to run another day!
  11. Mustang / Ford Related News
    How does a stock 6th Gen Camaro stack up in a straight line against Ford's road course cookie monster?  Much better than paper racing would suggest. But that's exactly what makes this footage so valuable, the cars are two very distinct pieces of metal--the Shelby making the majority of its jam...
  12. Mustang / Ford Related News
    Remember a few weeks ago when we brought you news of a Coyote V8 swapped Porsche Cayman down in Florida?  Well it's back, and this time getting its neck wrung on the dyno. Officially the Coyote Cayman kicked out 430 rwhp and 365 rwtq, incredible for the little go-kart.
  13. Mustang / Ford Related News
    The 2017 Ford GT was recently filmed strutting its sounds on the Concept Lawn at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance last weekend. Anyone who's still moaning about the lack of a V8 needs to zip it, Ford Performance and Multimatic have done one hell of a job...
  14. Mustang / Ford Related News
    Ride along with Le Mans GT-Am driver Oliver Bryant as he hustles a Shelby Cobra 'round Silverstone during the International Trophy for Classic GT Cars.
  15. Mustang / Ford Related News
    Back in June it was announced the Ford GT would be available in a limited-edition heritage livery harking back to Ford's first win at Le Mans in 1966. Over the weekend at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, the Ford GT Heritage Edition made a cameo appearance among the Bugattis, Ferraris...
  16. Mustang / Ford Related News
    Question for all the crazy kids out there: Would you hustle this 1972 Ford Country Squire around the Green Hell known as the Nurburgring Nordschleife? Because that's exactly what Philipp von dem Knesebeck of Berlin did last week with friends sprawled out, including in the rear jump seats--this...
  17. Mustang / Ford Related News
    The gorgeous star spangled Shelby GT350 has been traversing the country as part of the Wounded Warrior High Five Tour. Wounded Warriors is aiming to raise $1,000,000 to provide programs in support of wounded veterans and their families.
  18. Mustang / Ford Related News
    The Central Arizona Project canal system played host to a stolen Ford Mustang this week. Not much is known about the initial theft or the recovery, however from the video we can ascertain the car in question is a Ford Mustang of S197 vintage, and it looks like it was the victim of a strip and...
  19. Mustang / Ford Related News
    Are you a long tube guy or a short tube guy? Check out this '88 5.0 Mustang testing BBK long tubes and BBK short tube headers.
  20. Mustang / Ford Related News
    While marketing may tell you synthetic is the better choice for your baby, what are those extra dollars bringing home? The guys from Engineering Explained try to break down some of the sound and fury surrounding this hot debate.
21-40 of 244 Results