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  1. Bronco Sport VIN Information Reveals Trims and Engine Options

    The Ford Bronco Sport will make use of two engines and five trim levels, VIN information registered with NHTSA reveals. The five trims will be: Base, Big Bend, Outer Banks, Badlands, and First Edition, as we predicted following trademark applications filed in July . The NHTSA documents also...
  2. Help Identify This Mustang

    Classic Tech
    I was walking around the amazing salvage yard in my town and I found this Mustang that I would like help identifying. I have read so many different things online about Mustang VIN's I don't know what to believe. There is no VIN around the dash, and the stickers on the door jam are long gone. I...
  3. Code 'T' vins being fitted with 289 V8

    Classic Mustangs Off Topic Lounge
    Can anyone tell me if this is true and if so how do I find out if this happened to my 1966 mustang. Ford had anticipated the six cylinder cars would outsell the V8 cars but the order for V8 cars was so overwhelming some cars already stamped 'T' on the vin number to receive the six cylinder...
  4. 1965 vin engine code question "6"

    Classic Talk
    Has anyone ever heard of a 1965 fastback*vin*that does not have an engine code? In place of the engine code the vin has a "6".
  5. just got a 65 coupe

    Classic Talk
    wanted to know how i can decode the vin. i tried a few websites but they need a newer number mine only has 10 digits if anyone can help me out that would be great
  6. 1965 VIN help-- "G" Engine Code?

    Classic Talk
    Hi guys-- I'm looking at a '65 Mustang and the seller says the first five of the VIN read 5R07G. I'm confused because I can't find any info at all about a G engine code for 65 mustangs. Any insight? I've yet to check out the VIN myself on the car (car is located out of town... I'll make it...
  7. VIN Number

    Classic Tech
    Hello, I have completely dissassembled my 67 mustang in order to finish body work and rebuild the engine. when I went to chack the VIN number to see what on my car was stock so i knew what to keep and what to scrap, i noticed the data plate was missing. After a thorough search of the car i...
  8. Indentificacion del Motor Mustang V6 1995

    Modernos 1974-2007
    Hola soy de Brasil y yo soy dueño de un Mustang V6 3.8L 1995. Necesito saber dónde está la identificación del motor neste modelo de coche ... gracias
  9. Position of VIN on chassis - 2014 V6 Mustang cpe - URGENT

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hope some of you out there owning a 2014 V6 mustang will be able to help me: I need to know the exact position where the vehicle number or VIN is etched on the chassis. I know that there is a VIN on the left corner of the windscreen, but this is not what I need. If you have a 2014 V6 coupe...
  10. Need vin number to program pcm

    V6 Tech
    i HAVE A 2004 Ford Mustang. AFTER I purchased the vehicle I found out the car had originally been a standard and its previous owner swapped the engine&transmission to an automatic. They didn't change the PCM to match. I purchased the correct pcm but it needs to programmed for PATS. Problem is...
  11. Ayuda con VIN mustang 1981

    Modernos 1974-2007
    Hola que tal amigos, esta es la primera vez que escribo en el foro, con la novedad de que quiero comprar un Mustang Hard Top modelo 80-82, el que tiene sus calaveras traseras de rectángulos verticales que siempre me ha gustado. Mi duda es donde puedo encontrar en VIN que esta grabado en el...
  12. waiting for my VIN

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    Just wondering, if any of you guys ordered your stangs, how long did it take until you received your VIN number? Its been three weeks now and i'm getting to excited for my stang to come, and i heard you can track it once you receive a VIN number. Thanks :laughlitt
  13. Vin number replacement?

    Classic Tech
    I will be removing both front frame rails and replacing with new frame rails with complete aprons attached. I want to know since the vin numbers on both aprons will be removed when the old rusted out aprons are removed, is there a way to have the vin stamped onto the replacement aprons? If not...
  14. 1966 Mustang title search

    Classic Talk
    Hi Forum Members, Can anyone help me, I found a 1966 Mustang in California VIN #6R07C105501 does anyone know how can I find the title? Your help is much appreciated.
  15. Vin Tag on Panels

    5.0L Talk
    I bought a 87 T-top about 4 months ago. I noticed that all of the panels have a vin sticker on them. Fenders, hood, trunk, everything. Is this normal?
  16. New Mustang Orders in June

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    I just ordered a new GT convertible on June 16, 2010. I was just curious if others who ordered a GT around the same time have received their VIN number yet. Also, with the GT's in full production will it will take the full eight weeks to get the car or should I expect the car in less time? I...
  17. Ordered a 2011 GT

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    So, I just decided between a 370Z and the Mustang, decided to go Ford, after all a Mustang was my first car. So I ordered a GT Coupe Premium 400A manual, with Brembos, and 3.73 gears. Price agreed upon was $33200 so I believe I got a pretty good deal. Saw some of the other posts, and am kinda...
  18. Veronica - help needed with build date for 65 Mustang convertible

    Classic Tech
    Veronica, May I trouble you for help determining a valid build date and DSO for my '65 Mustang convertible? The VIN is 5F08T778213. My door tag is missing and I'd like to recreate one. Any other data plate info (color, axle) that would help this plate be as accurate as possible would help...
  19. 1970 Mustang Vin number mystery

    Classic Talk
    hello im from panama my dad and i we are rebuilding and 1970 mustang the chasis have a rare vin number we only know that was assembly in michigan the vin umber is 0F145832 thank u
  20. Misterio del Numero Vin

    Mexico and Latin America
    Hola como estan soy de panama mi papa y yo estamos reconstruyendo un ford de 1970 con un numero vin 0F145832 lo unico que sabemos fue ensamblado en michigan pero el resto nada. he buscando en internet decodificadores y sale lo mismo nada mas el año y el lugar de ensamblado a ver si...