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  1. Putting a digital speedometer on a 1965 automatic Mustang?

    Classic Tech
    I'm thinking about getting a Dakota Digital gauge cluster for my 1965 coupe with a c4 transmission. It has a speedometer cable right now, but the digital gauges requires installation of a vehicle speed sensor (VSS) in place of the speedo cable. Is this a relatively easy thing to do, or does it...
  2. 2000 Mustang GT 3.73 gears ABS issue

    4.6L Tech
    2000 GT 4.6 question. We recently purchased this car. It appears the rear was changed and I am guessing by the 7mph the speedo is off, it probably now has 3.73 gears. ABS module was not communicating, and we sent it out to be fixed, which was a success. Trouble code stored in PCM for wrong...
  3. Speedo off, VSS/ECU right

    4.6L Tech
    I searched other speedometer threads and didn't see this situation addressed. I recently purchased an 02 GT with OEM 3.27 rear end ratio. The speedo reads fast by about 8 MPH at 50. I plugged in my handy dandy code reader and looked at the VSS speed. The VSS says I am doing 50 at 50, but...
  4. A speedcal, a GPS, and an Electrical nightmare

    4.6L Tech
    My First Post here..hope it's not too long. I got a 96 GT with t-45. I swapped gears to 3.73 and bought a speedcal to fix the speedo. Install went well and it worked fine until you hit 55 mph where the speedometer goes to zero. I found the alternate bank 2 dip switch setting of "0100000"...
  5. i'm TIRED of speeding tickets. how do i fix my vss?!

    V6 Tech
    and where is that lil bugger at?? it says i'm going 60 when i guess i'm actually going 73...cop....:mad::mad::deadhorse: please help i'm already like 570 dollars in ticket fines...