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  1. New to AFM/Personal Introduction

    Hello everyone! I would just like to take a few minutes and tell you about myself. Hopefully I can make this quick and painless :heha: I'm a 19 year old from Tennessee. I'm in college at Tennessee Technological University majoring in computer engineering. I've been driving an '07 V6 mustang...
  2. Just got a 2011 Mustang 5.0!!!

    Kill Stories
    Hi yall!!! Nice to finally join this community! Recently about 2 weeks ago i got a black mustang 5.0 and i m stoked about it. Just some adventures over the 2 weeks included destroying and i mean just easily walked a heavily modded ISF with tune/headers/intake/throttle booster, and beat this...
  3. New user to forum

    Just wanted to say hello and I use this site for most of my questions and most are already answered in the different threads. I finally took the plunge and joined. Hello to all
  4. New guy with a 2001 Mustang

    Hey! I'm Alex, but everyone calls me by my last name:bigthumbsup. I guess it's easier to remember Garcia. I've checked this site a couple of times and it has been really helpful, so I thought I would join and support this great community. I currently own a 2001 WHITE CONVERTIBLE LITTLE TOY which...