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  1. 17x10 wheels on a classic

    Wheels and Tires
    :grin:Hi all, I am looking at putting 17x10 wheels on my car and wondering if anyone has. They will fit with a 1" to 2" drop, I would need a 4.5-4.75" backspace now which aren't made. Has anyone done this and/or know of cheaper custom made wheels and have suggestions? Looking at the weld racing...
  2. Chopped drip rails; Unsure how to weld back together

    Classic Tech
    I chopped off my drip rails because they were totally rusted through not even mentioning the additional metal that was rusted out that chopping the drip rails revealed. However I think my car has been in an accident in the past and just had excellent body work done because the top layer of the...
  3. Issues with Draglite rubbing caliper on 91 LX. Help!

    5.0L Tech
    Ive got some 15x7 draglites for the front of my 91. Not sure of the backspace- looks like about 5". The front left fit decent, just barely scraped the caliper bolt. The front right however, different story. The wheel was bound up so bad, it wouldnt turn. At first, ithought the wheels were...
  4. 1978 Mustang II complete floor pan swap with 1976 Mustang II. Possible?

    Mustang II Tech
    I am restoring a 78 Mustang II. The exterior, including the paint is really good, but there are rust holes from the front to the rear on the inside floor. I mean one of them is over 1 foot long and 2-3 inches wide so that you can see the frame. The frame isn't even touching on the driver side...
  5. Header Repair Method

    5.0L Tech
    Hairline crack where primary welding into collector on Hooker Super comp (shorty). Line of crack is visible inside collector. grrrr.... Anyone give a quick rundown on best type of welding to repair this? Is one method of welding better than another on certain metals? One more resistant tot...
  6. 99 V6 did i get the right muffler?

    V6 Tech
    I went out today and bought a flowmaster super 44 at oriley's and was going to take it to a shop to have it welded strait in with my stock piping and all, but i got to looking, seems i bought a center inlet, and an offset out. Did i need an offset in and offset out to make it just weld right in?
  7. Weld Racing Wheel Identification

    Wheels and Tires
    My 1966 289 coupe came with these 5 lug weld racing wheels. I'd like to switch to some styled steel or torq thrust wheels. Before I go selling them, I'd like to know the name of the style so I can find some values. Any suggestions on how much to sell them for are greatly appreciated.
  8. 4 lug rims for my 88 gt

    5.0L Talk
    well since i dont have the 5 lug conversion for my car yet, ive been looking for some 4 lug weld pro stars or drag lites. well the only thing ive come up with is some weld drag lites from latemodel restoration. the package which comes with 2 3.5x15 and 2 8x15 with some random brand from tire and...
  9. Broken 2300 Cam Tower

    2.3L Tech
    Hi – We race two 2300 fox Mustang mini-stocks here in the Midwest. Motors are highly modified (long rods, heavily port/polished/shaved heads, solid lifters, Esslinger intakes, cams and pulleys, Holley 350cfm carbs, all MSD ignition, 7.25 clutches, lightweight flywheels, and so on. Last...
  10. 1965 Mustang Cowl instulation help

    Classic Tech
    Alright guys, I got the cowl section fully removed from the car. I used a spot weld remover to help me out with that. I repaired the rust problems I previously had and I went ahead and applied Por-15 coating on it, and just for kicks I through some Epoxy primer on top of that. Apparently I...
  11. Just curious as to what others use as a reference

    Classic Talk
    A while back I had restoration/rust repair/structural work done my 68 convertible --- badly. Looks like, in order to get everything to fit properly, I will likely have to pull a lot of it apart, learn to weld it back together and go from there. Because of the work that has already been...
  12. foxbody front tires? (15" x3.5" welds)

    Wheels and Tires
    i was wondering how tall of tire i can/should run on the front of my 1983 foxbody i bought weld 15"x3.5" rims, I was thinking about getting mickey thompson sportsman fronts (street legal)26"x7.5"-15" or is smaller better 25"tall? 24" tall? any help would be greatly appreciated, does anyone know...