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  1. Hub-centric rings?

    Classic Tech
    Hi all, 66 Mustang, 289 auto, power disc brakes up front, drums in the back. I bought 17" x 8" Bullitt wheels to replace my old 14" Craggars, but needed spacers to clear everything because they are positive offset. I bought 1.5" spacers for the front and back, the kind that bolt to your hubs...
  2. Another 17" wheel thread

    Classic Tech
    Hi everyone, looooong time no post. Been busy with other projects, etc. I'm finally looking to get rid of my 14" Cragar's on my 66' coupe and put some 17's on so I can eventually fit 13" Cobra brakes. I'm really leaning towards a set of ~2004 Bullitt wheels in anthracite, 17 x 8" all...
  3. S197 bullitt take offs on 1969 Grande?

    Classic Tech
    Hello, I have a 1969 grande mustang I would like to put my 2006 pony package mustang wheels (17x8) with 235/55/17 Yokohamas on it. Prior to buying new wheels (18x9, 275\40) for my 06, I test fitted the 17's on the rear of the 69 with decent fitment (obviously could use spacers). I couldn't try...
  4. Can you trust hub-centric wheel adapters / spacers?

    4.6L Tech
    I have a 97 gt with 17x8 01 cobra rims. The back wheels just sit in too far and I would like to purchase these 1.5in Billet Aluminum Mustang Wheel Spacers (Pair) at - Free Shipping! wheel spacers. If installed right, I won't have to worry about my wheel flying off will I?
  5. Just bought, 2008 Bullitt Mustang

    Hi all, I've never owned a Mustang before but I was intrigued when I saw the 2008 Bullitt at the Detroit Auto Show last January. I like the clean design with no spoiler, no stripes, no scoops, no fog lights and no pony logo in the grill. It struck me as just the way I would design the car. I...