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will not start

  1. 1995 3.8 ltr suddendly won't start, no pressure at Shrader valve

    V6 Tech
    My '95 3.8 liter started yesterday, then I drove it a few feet in the driveway, and it has refused to start since. Last summer I found a hole in the top of the fuel tank so I replaced the tank, the pump, the filter, all the rear components. Right now, I can push on the Schrader valve pin until I...
  2. 1997 SVT Mustang Cobra Will Not Start, Please help!

    SVT Cobra Tech
    1997 Mustang Cobra SVT will not start. When you turn the key nothing happens. No sounds from the starter. No clicks or clacks. The battery is good. 12.49 V The fuses are good in the fuse box under the dash. The fuses are good in the Power Dustribution Box (PDB) under the hood. This happened...
  3. 1968 Mustang Electrical issue

    Classic Tech
    Hello again, I have a new issue that has my car growing roots in the parking lot. Recently I added a points elimination to my car... it worked fine then started acting up. I removed it and rewired the original distr. config. the car is how it was, all wires (to my knowledge) are where they...