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  1. Power windows - worse now

    4.6L Tech
    2003 Mustang GT convertible. Last summer I was having trouble opening the driver side window after the sun had heated that side of the car. It happened a few times this year also. I've seen this exact problem asked about on the web but never any answer. The car is stored every winter. Now...
  2. Electrical Issues

    5.0L Tech
    Hello all, I purchased my '90 mustang about 2 months ago. The driver side window controls do not work, but the passenger side window relay works. So i can roll my passenger window up and down with my passenger side control but i cannot roll that same window down with my driver side control, i...
  3. Passenger Window goes down by itself

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I have a 2006 convertible. I'm having an intermittent problem with passenger window. When I close it, it goes all the way up and when it hits it max, it just goes 90% of the way down. In order to close it, I have to slowly roll it up and stop just before the top. I know it has something to do...
  4. 1970 window trim leaving off?

    Classic Tech
    doing somewhat of a restomod, I dont want much chrome so I have a question, can I leave the chrome off the front and rear windshield and fill it with sealant instead? without it looking weird and anything poking out? follow up statement, anyone who wants the trim for a fair price pm me if that...
  5. '03 mustang power window works someimes

    V6 Tech
    I have a regular ole '03 stang that I've been driving for about a year and a half. The window only works sometimes and after driving it for so long I have come to the conclusion that the window only works on cooler days. I live in Texas so the days here get pretty hot but once I get the window...
  6. Windows developing scratches

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hey everyone. So my side windows have been developing scratches over a period of time. I dont know whats causing them. Its not dirt on the weather stripping grinding them in so i think its the followers in the door panel. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it. I probably have...
  7. Passenger window not auto dropping down enough

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    I have been looking all over the forums for about an hour and can't seem to find anyone who is having the same problem as I am. My passenger window (2005 V6 conv. mustang) catches the edge of the top when door is opened. The window does automatically drop down and pop up when the door is opened...
  8. 1999 Cobra Covertible Rear Window Issue

    SVT Cobra Tech
    Folks, I am having an issue with the right rear window on my 1999 Cobra Covertible. The window does not want to come up on its own. Sometimes it makes it all the way up, but is really slow. Sometimes I need to actually pull it while hitting the power button. I did a cursory look and it looks...
  9. 1990 mustang passenger window working

    5.0L Tech
    Hello I'm new to this forum and to owning a fox body, When we got the car the passenger window did not work and the previous owner couldn't figure out why. We took the door panels off and realized that there's no power going to the motor but the motor works. I've looked at the wiring diagram...
  10. 98 mustang driver door won't close

    4.6L Talk
    I have a 98 ford mustang and when i close my door the driver window leaves a gap. i can close by pushing the window and it closes but when i get in i have to roll the window down then up to get it to close. i took the door apart and everything seems tight but when it rolls up it seems to be loose
  11. 64 factory spec help..have pic!!!

    Classic Tech
    Looking for this measurement on a 64 Mustang we are restoring..the opening on the rear quarter window..please see attachment...hope this works.. factory specs would help...both window channels are measuring different.
  12. 02 Convertbile - Quarter Glass Questions

    V6 Tech
    Hey guys, Got a couple of issues that I'm not finding much information on; hoping someone here can help. First problem: Passenger side quarter glass won't roll up all the way when the top is up. If the top is down, it goes up all on it's own with slight resistance, but when the top is up...
  13. passenger window don't work till 30 mph

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    2006 Mustang GT 101K. The passenger window won't roll down until you are going 30 mph or above. Then once you roll it down it won't go back up until you shut the car off, pull the key out, reinsert the key and turn the ignition to run. then it will automatically roll all the way up and won't...
  14. 83 convertible windows

    I have an 83 Convertible that my father and I are modding into a street strip car. I was wondering if anybody has tried or heard of installing the device that cracks the window when door handle is pulled out of the newer mustangs. I was thinking this could work in better sealing the window...
  15. Weird Problem With 1994 Mustang Gt Window

    5.0L Tech
    My 1994 mustang gt has a weird issue with the windows. The passenger window from the driver side does not work. The drivers side window switch works fine, but the passenger window from the driver side does not work. The passenger window works fine from the passenger side. However, when the...
  16. Little help with my Windows.

    Classic Tech
    I have a 72 Fastback , I am redoing my windows but the one piece I am having trouble with is the Pressure Pad/Bracket the piece that pushes against the window to hold it still and make it not rattle. First off anyone know what the real name of that piece is? Second anyone know where I can...
  17. plastidip exhaust tips and more

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Did this about a month ago and still in perfect condition. Plastidip my borla tips, it looks really good, it gives it a stealth look and no one expects it to be loud, no signs of pealing or nothing as the dip is heat resistant. Plastidip the rear quarter windows but ended up pealing it off...
  18. 01 mustang window scoops

    4.6L Talk
    Alright guys it's that time of month again for me to posts something up so I got something to wait forn:bigthumbsup. My gf is buying me a Christmas present early so I got her to buy me the new window scoops at americanmuscle. I didn't like the old ones cuz they stuck out way to much. But...
  19. 2007 mustang convertible window malfunction

    Greetings! i am a new member here and i need help solving the problem of my mustang. its a 2007 v6 convertible. the PROBLEM, when i open the door, the window goes down slightly. that is a feature. but then the window goes back up before i close my door. so then my door can not close. so recently...
  20. 1967 Mustang Passenger Window Issues

    Classic Tech
    The Window on my Passenger side is broken. When trying to roll the window up, the handle just spins, not moving the window, however, you can manually pull the window up and down, and the handle spins around. the issue happened when a buddy of mine tried to roll the window up and had it at the...