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  1. Watch: How Do You Make Safe Sexy? With a Windsor V8, Of Course

    Classic Talk
    What can you say about the Bricklin SV1 that hasn't already been said in song ? Well, first that it was primarily designed to show how safe cars could be sexy and second that it remains a surprisingly fun car to drive. Driven by Motor Week's Joe Ligo, the forward-looking SV1's design remit...
  2. The mighty Clevor!

    Classic Tech
    So, I've been throwing around the idea of a 351 for my mustang for a little while now. I was thinking mostly of using stock parts, and that made me think. "What do I want now?" Since there's three 351's to choose from, the Windsor, Cleveland, and Modified. And as far as stock power goes the...
  3. 1964 Fastback 351w Engine rebuild questions

    Classic Tech
    1968 Fastback 351w Engine rebuild questions I have a few questions about which direction to take my new project. I am purchasing a 1968 fastback from a guy who is abandoning the project. I am looking for suggestion on which way to go for my power train. First I'll give you some background...
  4. I need 99-00 S351 Specs

    Mustang Tech
    I need to know where to find all the specs on the 99 or 00 Saleen s351. I would like to know what block, crank, cams, injectors, supercharger, etc. are used. Pretty much anything Saleen put on the car.
  5. Windsor and Romeo internals swap

    4.6L Tech
    I've got a '99 GT with a Windsor in it and I'm pretty sure that I have a bad rod bearing, before I get too far into pulling the Windsor out I was wondering if the crank from a Romeo would work with the Windsor internals. I just read that the Windsor has thicker connecting rods than the Romeo...
  6. New C4 came with a 351 attached...

    5.0L Tech
    In my quest to figure out how to fix my newly broken AOD, I found a C4 for sale. Just so happens, it came with a 351 windsor attached. I know I want to do a carb setup but my question is, will anything I have already purchased for the 302 work with the 351? GT40p heads for example? whats a...
  7. Crankshaft decisions

    4.6L Tech
    Hey Guys, Just diassembled my 4.6 and although it's in amazing condition for 125K miles, the #4 rod bearing was shot and got into the journal, so here's my question. While looking for a crank, I noticed several things. Some companies want the casting number while other companies like napa online...
  8. Windsor or Romeo?

    4.6L Tech
    I am looking to either build up a new engine or rebuild my current engine someday. Possibly sooner than I think. It would probably be cheaper to get my current block, Windsor 4.6 (2000 GT), rebuilt. Lately, however, I have heard that Windsors are pointless to rebuild and that they will just go...
  9. NEED ADVICE! Building 351 windsor for 67 coupe... HELP

    Classic Tech
    Im going to have a mechanic build me a 351 w, with around 425hp for my 67 coupe. Im looking for a weekend driver with some good speed. I dont know a lot about cars, and was wondering if anyone had advice on a good motor set-up to go with. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  10. 39$ window tinting!? (Groupon Deal, looking to see if anyone has heard of this place)

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    I know the saying "If it looks too good to be true it probably is" but i subscribe to Groupon and they are offering a half off 2 door auto Window tinting... The shop is in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and i hoping that some people from southwest Ontario, or even Detroit area have heard of this...
  11. Looking for 1989 5.0W Shaker scoop/intake

    5.0L Tech
    I've got a 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis with the 5.0 Windsor. My plan is to take the engine out of the Marquis and put it in my 1966 Mustang (currently has a carbureted 302 from a Granada), making the Mustang fuel-injected. Because the 5.0 in the Marquis is rather power-void, I will be doing a...
  12. Presentandome y con dudas

    Clasicos 1964-1973
    Buenas, me presento, tengo un mustang 1966 negro con un 351 windsor del cual publicare unas fotos despues. Ya habia leido este foro pero en su mayoria en ingles y tengo una dudilla que espero me puedan ayudar, les comento. Mi mustang era originalmente 6 cil automatico y yo le cambie el motor...
  13. Which Mustang is for me v6 or v8? (94-04 preferably 98-04)

    4.6L Tech
    First im sorry board admins im new and there's not really a spot for this kind of question. (Most of this is cop and pasted from my useless yahoo answers, should always go to mustang people for mustang answers not ricers) Which mustang is better for me? I'm high-school...
  14. Getting closer, Few more questions.

    4.6L Tech
    Ok so i got ahold of the guy who i bought the car from. I find out thats the original engine was messed up and he got another engine he had and installed it. I have a 96 mustang, So far i know this. It Does have Windsor PI heads. Has a 99+ Alternator. Has a termec transmission. And the EGR valve...
  15. Help Needed: 1969 Mustang 351w motor front pictures

    Classic Talk
    Like a dumbass :rollgrin:, I must have lost my reference photos of my teardown to show me how to reassemble my 351 Windsor. It has power steering and AC. I am trying to figure out all my brackets and locations. Unfortunaty I have had some 8 parts cars putting this one together and I have...
  16. 1968 mustang with windsor 3:73 or 4:10

    Classic Talk
    Hey guys my my name is matt im new to this and i have a few questions and i dope you can help me out. I have a 1968 mustang with a 351 windsor and an AOD transmission out of a late 80's mustang. I currently have 2:50 gears because we got a 9 inch rear out a lincoln and i want to lower them to...
  17. 418w Distributor Wont Fit! Please Help

    Classic Talk
    About a week ago i had the gear replaced on my MSD distributor at the local speed shop and i went home, exited to put it in. But for some reason it wont fit, i just can't find out why. It is most definitely not the oil pump shaft because my distributor has another inch before its fully set. When...
  18. black on black lx

    Hey. Guys. I've been building these cars since I was 16 years old, recently went int the modular cars and I'm finding it fun to be learning new things . I'm a 5.0 man at heart but these 4.6 cars are really pulling good with boost!
  19. Which block is this? 8F 534408

    Classic Talk
    There are no screw in freeze plugs. The following number is located at the back of the block on a pad behind the intake. 8F 534408 Anyone know which block this could be? Did all tunnel port engines have screw in freeze plugs? The motor is 1000 miles away so I cannot look near the starter for...