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  1. 2006 mustang gt amplifier problem

    i shut the car off and went in the house.Went back out and the amplifiers in the trunk are humming very ,very loud even with everything off.I unhooked the connection and have just left it.Anyone figure this out.Miss the surround sound but couldnt this have started a fire?
  2. 1986 GT ttop electrical help alt? reg? wireing?

    5.0L Tech
    Okay so I charge the battery with my jeep. it runs good for awhile.. it wont stall by itself After about 15-20 mins if I try to roll up my window it will stall. but it drains the battery until its dead. will keep itself running just wont charge the battery. will run like crap. I took out the...
  3. 1986 mustang gt electrical? problems?

    5.0L Tech
    Okay so one day I moved the car batterys fine everythings okay then I go to restart it. dead battery jump it, drive it around bucking tugging in gear while not pressing on the gas. uneven idle revving. turn it off battery dead again. jump it head unit wont work. checked wires to headunit all...
  4. 86 gt speedometer issue

    5.0L Tech
    Stopped working wont move at all. well it will bounce if i hit it. lol. started her up went and checked the mail and it isnt working. worked fine last time I Drove her. its tugging in 1st and 2nd dont know if its related but I have code 67 but it wasnt doing this before. my gas guage works when...
  5. charging problems, 1965 mustang in not charging what should i do

    Classic Tech
    i have a 1965 ford mustang, its engine has been swapped for a 1973 302. i have been trying for like the past few months to get it to charge. i have changed the voltage regulator and i have changed the starter starter solenoid, i also put in a new alternator and an alternator wiring harness, i...
  6. Power Seat and Cig lighter yet not Fuse??

    Mustang Tech
    Basically the question... My Power Seat is stuck all the way to the back, and the cig lighter isnt working...YES did check all fuses under the hood and under stearing collum. Any suggestions on what else it could be? and how I can find/Fix this problem? Where does the power come from the...
  7. 1967 Mustang alternator wireing

    Classic Tech
    This is my first post, I traded for a 67 Mustang someone put a 351 C in it. I shoud have ran from it but I didn't. It did not have a alternator so I got one. By all the diagrams I see is the suppose to be a wire connected to the stator terminal of the alternator? The car has a voltage regulator.
  8. 1970 mustang stearing column removal and new wireing harness

    Classic Tech
    I have 2 question and any usefull help from somone more knolagable would be helpfull. Stearing column removal. other than the 4 bolts ataching the stearing column to the body and the 2 nuts at the rag joint, what else has to be removed to pull the entire stearing column. Does the stearing...