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won't crank

  1. Intermittent Starting Problem

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    My 07 Mustang W 4.0 V6 occasionally won't turn over. The battery is good (tried two new ones to be sure.) Dash lights come on and I hear clicking. Normally I'd think starter but sometimes if I jiggle the shifter (5 spd man trans) that does the trick. The times that moving the shifter doesn't...
  2. 1997 SVT Mustang Cobra Will Not Start, Please help!

    SVT Cobra Tech
    1997 Mustang Cobra SVT will not start. When you turn the key nothing happens. No sounds from the starter. No clicks or clacks. The battery is good. 12.49 V The fuses are good in the fuse box under the dash. The fuses are good in the Power Dustribution Box (PDB) under the hood. This happened...
  3. 1993 5.0 Fuel system problem

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 1993 Mustang 5.0. It died the other day, and would not crank. The fuel pump would come on when I turned the key, and sometimes it would stay on. When it would go back off, the car would crank for a few minutes, then die again. I replaced the fuel pump, the relay and the fuel filter...
  4. 98 Mustang Gt....won't start sometimes

    4.6L Tech
    Hey you guys...I have a 1998 ford mustang gt. I have been having problems out of it since I got it. Most of the problems have been fixed and some have not. For some reason sometimes the car won't start up for me. I have a MSD DIS-4 box hooked up to the battery and some speakers and an amp...