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  1. Introduce Yourself | No Tech Questions Please!
    Hey Folks, Jon here. I've scoured these forums plenty of times in the past and I decided it was finally time to join. I'm an engineer from Denver who's restomodding a 1968 mustang coupe with the Sprint A trim package and the Ford 200 ci straight 6. I'm pretty handy with a wrench but as we all...
  2. Mustang / Ford Related News
    Redline Rebuild might be the best automotive series on the internet right now. Simple, entertaining, and cathartic, the series just takes engines apart and puts them back together better. This time they’re taking on Ford’s venerable 289 V8. Taken from a totaled ’64 Fairlane, Hagerty’s team...
  3. Classic Talk
    Hello everyone, im making videos on youtube to showcase all years of the mustang. here is my youtube page if you want to check it out. completelymustang - YouTube right now it has just a few videos of my restoration. if you would like to see your car in my videos please message me with your...
  4. 5.0L Talk
    Hey guys, check out the video I made about my Dad's 1982 Mustang GT! We are restoring it from sitting for 20 years. Subscribe to keep up to date on the restoration. I will be making video updates as we fix her up! Here it is! - 1982 Mustang GT Restoration - Part 1 - YouTube Thanks!!!!!
  5. 4.6L Talk
    Hey everyone! I just started a new Youtube channel where I am doing anything and everything with cars. For the first video I did a feature of my 2000 Mustang GT. I also plan on making more than just Mustang videos, I will be making some off road videos with some modded out Jeeps, and doing...
  6. 2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hey AFM, I am new here. I am from Ohio and own a Torch Red 2008 Mustang. Like to share my video which is a slideshow/compilation of pictures and videos of the Mustang. IT IS RED :P Some videos make it look pink. 2008 Ford Mustang GT Roush Supercharged 505 HP Slideshow - YouTube
  7. 4.6L Talk
    Alright guys I need some input. First off, I am a film student and I LOVE Mustangs (obviously :P). Put two and two together and you get a passion for Mustang videos! So, I want to start a YouTube channel and make professional quality videos where I feature Mustangs and other cars. So my...
  8. Classic Tech
    Hey guys/gals, finally got my YouTube channel set up. Check it if you wanna! It's chadmumford23 Just type chadmumford23 into the search field @ YouTube. I put some videos of my 65 mustang on there... Happy Motoring! Let me know if any of you folks got videos of your Mustangs on there. Would love...
  9. 4.6L Talk
    Hello all. I would like to see a bunch of videos of people's Mustangs around here! I you have video's and want to share them(exhaust clips, compilations, general driving, etc.) add me on YouTube(1brannon10) and let me check them out. Also, check out the two videos I have of mine while you're...
  10. 4.6L Talk
    I'll start! This video features my 2002 Mustang Roush the first week I got it. On the back roads by my house. Old exhaust too... No real special stuff, but check it out!
1-10 of 14 Results