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00GT Cruise Control Indicator? And it doesn't work!

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I have had a 00 GT for since earlier this year. I bought it with the motor blown and put in a new (used) motor. I could never get the cruise control to work.

I looked at the pedals and the brake pedal had a plastic assembly that was broken (but it wasn't the brake switch because my brake lights did work). I went to the junkyard and found one and put it on. If I remember it was a green plastic brace around the top that connected to an arm or something. But even when it was broke it didn't seem to affect anything. Thought for sure that would fix it.

Nope, still didn't work. I am looking at my cables going into the cruise and everything appears to be connected.

I'm doing a heater core and I do see a cruise control box inside the front left panel. Think that may be the culprit?

But my other question is, does the Mustang not have a cruise control light on the gauge cluster? Every card I've driven even early 90s cars will turn some light on indicating cruise. I took a flash light and looked at the gauge cluster and cannot even see a light that would illuminate upon activating the cruise control.

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Does the cruise work? I can remember color of the plastic piece but mine didnt work. took to shop they couldnt find anything, so i went on a search myself i found a plastic piece up but brake pedal that needed to be snapped back intoa bracket. problem solved cruise worked.
There is no cruise control indicator on these cars .
Check up under the Driver side fender. There is a cruise control module that the cable runs through. Also check to be sure the cable is connected properly on the engine. (its 3 or 4 bolts to remove the fender its really easy)
Check the photo sorry I thought I had a picture of that side but I dont. But you will see the module with the cable running through it.


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I don't think the cluster on the 2000 is any different than the early sn95s. I have a 96gt 98v6 and 99v6, they all have a cruise indicator that lights up green on the right lower side. It says cruise or cruise control.. can't remember exactly. Might want to take a closer look fellas. Maybe the bulb is dead/missing?
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Thanks for the replies. Yes I looked at the gauge cluster pretty good and did not see a "cruise" or light that indicates cruise is on. All the components "look" ok. The only thing left is the cruise control box in the drivers fender. Maybe I'll get one from a junkyard but I hate just throwing parts.
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Pretty sure there does happen to be a fuse specific to cruise control. Have you checked it?
All fuses are good. Tested all fuses with a multimeter
Does the speedometer work and is it accurate?

Was any work performed on the steering column, steering wheel, or air bag? Was the steering wheel turned while the shaft was disconnected from the steering rack? If so, there's a good chance that the clock spring has been damaged. Does the horn and/or wipers work?

There is more than one power and brake control safety system on the cruise control. Let's start by confirming power and grounds.

On the Speed control servo:
  • measure the resistance from pin 10 (BK wire) back to battery negative. Do this test with the key off. Be sure to use a fresh battery in the VOM and zero the meter before taking the reading. Should be very low (< 5 Ohms). Post the results.
  • Test for +12 volts on pin 9 (OG wire color)
  • Test for key on +12 volts pin 7(WH/LB)
  • measure the voltage at pin 4 (LG) and post the results. Repeat the measurement with the brake pedal depressed.

My best guess is a bad G102 ground as this ground is likely affected after a motor swap.
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Thanks wmburns. I will run those tests this weekend. To answer your question, my horn and wipers do work, and to the best of my knowledge the steering rack was not worked on or disconnected.
Sorry guys. Don't know what I was smoking but yea I double checked and there is no cruise control indicator. I could have sworn I saw one there before... (Must have mixed it up with another car's dash). Sorry about that.
Now im going to have to check my 02 next spring. ive only had it 10 years.
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