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01 GT , maintenance questions

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I purchased my mustang not too long ago. I recently cleaned my iac and it was really dirty. I just wanted to ask about what other engine parts I can clean to maintain my car, also if there are any parts I should replace(123,000 miles) . I'm already replacing the fuel filter, things along the lines of that. I'd appreciate all your input and am really eager to find out more about my mustang!

Also, if you guys have any preferred cleaning products that would help.
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I'm really big on cleaning the MAF sensor when first getting a used car. If your a in-tune with your car kind of guy you might notice better throttle response and better mpg as well as recovered power. Keep an eye out for a gas leak where the filler tube connects to the tank. The rubber grommet there doesn't last forever.. cheap and easy to replace.

Check all shocks including quad shocks for abnormal seepage of fluid. Inspect all vaccum lines especially the rubber ones for cracks or tears. Also be sure to check for any signs of a bad head gasket. Milky like substance in your crankcase (check inside the cap) or coolant check the cap there as well.
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