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02 Convertbile - Quarter Glass Questions

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Hey guys,

Got a couple of issues that I'm not finding much information on; hoping someone here can help.

First problem: Passenger side quarter glass won't roll up all the way when the top is up. If the top is down, it goes up all on it's own with slight resistance, but when the top is up (and latched) it needs some help to go all the way up and forward. I've changed the motor, thinking it's underpowered, tried greasing the regulator, lubing the tracks, etc.. etc.. I'm at a loss as to what the actual issue is.

Second problem: Car got broken into (and relieved of it's stereo)... someone decided the drivers side quarter glass was the best entry point (why couldn't it have been the one that was already messed up, dangit!!) and so now I need a new one. I've ordered a junkyard piece, but I'm looking for anyone who can give me a brief rundown on what it's going to take to install it.

Any help appreciated.

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