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02 seatbelt plus door lock issues

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So today, after the two years of owning the 02, I have decided to try to figure out why my seatbelt doesnt like rolling up like the passenger side does. Once I un latch my seatbelt it rolls up nice and smooth until it gets about half way then stops, but then slowly rolls up the rest of the way. So by the time I come out to the car in the morning it is all the way up. I am assuming its just the seatbelt assembly, it also likes to tangle up mysteriously also, but since it goes, either manually or slowly by itself, I didnt know if it was just because of the tangles.

Also I have this 01 mustang where the power door locks does not fully lock or unlock. They do however operate but cannot fully lock itself or unlock itself. I do not know if they are binded up or if it is just the actuators, kindof too lazy to remove the door panels to see. They manually lock and unlock like they should.. just the more information the better in my opinion.. not a matter of safety, just aesthetics so anything I can learn about id love to hear.
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