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So I've been trying to figure out what this noise is:

Chirping noise - YouTube

The car only does it after sitting out long enough to cool down be it overnight or 1 1/2-2 hrs.
It only does it while actually moving, if I rev up the car while parked it doesn't do the noise.

Front brake pads are new.
Auto tranny.

The noise will go away and not come back after I get up to a decent speed.
If stop while the noise is going on,it dies out, but then when I accelerate again it will keep going until it disappears completely.

Applying the brakes slightly does not kill the noise. It only dies down if I slow down to almost a complete stop or I speed up enough for it to go away.

The noise gets higher pitched as the speed/rps rise up until it finally dies down.
I can get rid of it in around 2-3 if I accelerate quickly.

This is all the info I can think about right now, other than 2 pulleys being replaced but that I'm guessing that would't have anything to do with it as if it were the pulleys it would do it while idling.
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