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Do any of the 05-09 guys have this Raxiom navigation unit?

Raxiom OE-Style Mustang GPS Navigation w/ Bluetooth & Back-up Camera 102186 (05-09 All) - Free Shipping

There are tons of threads about the 10-14 version which is slightly different, as I understand it. I cannot; however, seem to find any info (other than the AM video on their website) about this unit from users.

I'm interested in feedback for the 05-09 specific unit. Anything about the install, functionality, reliability, pictures, etc. would be great. It'd be nice to hear thoughts on the speed of the processor, the availability of maps, how accurate the nav is, bluetooth connectivity/streaming, the backup camera and any other cool things that have been worked out with this system.

A lot of these are covered briefly in the AM video but I'd like some more in-depth reviews.

And as always, pictures and video of any and all functions and installations of the unit would be great!
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