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05 4.6 builds

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I've been perusing the boards and sniffing about trying to find the information that I'm seeking to avoid making a duplicate post or otherwise creating an irritating set of questions that will get me flamed.

So anyway, I have an 05 4.6 GT and as its a differnt build, i.e. 300 hp vs the previous build's advertised 260hp, I want to know if anybody has done any work with them yet and/or is there a nice clean recipe out that will net me 40-60 or more rwhp without any extensive modding or bastardizng of the emissions quality.

Being a California resident I don't have much room to play emission(s) wise and I am wanting to avoid cracking the mill open to re-cam or do any head work etc, etc, etc.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

P.S. sorry if this is a dual post.
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Hi Meat

I don't think that this is a dual post, and after all people like me like to give you advices.

If your only concern is RWHP you might want to check out emission/ feasability with the following items:
Underdrive pulleys: is good for about 12 RWHP (should not be an emission issue)
Cold Air Intake: always helps a lot instead of the restricted c%$#! (Emissions: probabely no, but I am not sure)
Intake Plenum: IMHO a little disapointing 5 HP (not sure about Emissions either)
Diablo Sport Reflash: prooven 15 RWHP (requires 93 octane, allthough other CA people mentionned that it also works with your 91 octane. There is also an option to retard timing and run on 87 octane. "custom tuning"
Other than that I think that you can also temporarly remove the "hydrocarbon crap" in the air intake.

Those are some of the Bolt-ons that a lot of the people do.
How ever I heared that one of the biggest improvements can be made by a numerically higher gear in the rear axle.
(I do a lot of Highway driving, thats why I personally like the original Gear. Cruisin' @ 80 MPH and only seeing 2200 RPM's on the tach)

Check out the following link. That might be something for you:

Have fun
Meat - you do want to head over to the S197 Forum and nose around; they've got the same car as you do.
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