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05 GT - Overfilled 5-speed transmission?

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Does anyone know how much fluid the manual transmission in an '05 GT would hold if it were filled all the way up to the fill hole?

The reason I ask is because I'm changing transmission fluid right now. A quick google search told me that when full the fluid level should be ~1/2" below the fill hole and the transmission should take around 3.25 quarts... ok, no problem. Edit to note: the car is just about level - I jacked the front and rear up evenly. A bubble level on the frame rail shows that the rear end is just a hair higher than the front but not by much.

Well I put right around 3 quarts, maybe a bit more, and measured the fluid at just about a half inch below the fill hole. I figured there must be a bit of oil left in the transmission somewhere so it's not taking the full 3.25. Still no problem.

Then I poured my old oil from the oil pan into a 1-gallon jug... and the 1-gallon jug is full. It seems like 4 quarts of transmission fluid came out of my transmission.

I'm curious wtf is up with that. Will the transmission take 4 quarts if it's filled all the way up to the fill hole? Maybe the previous owner replaced the fluid at some point and they (or a shop) filled the trans all the way up to the fill hole? Any ideas?
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Had a talk with Hanlon motorsports awhile back about the 3650. He said to fill it till it comes out the fill plug. About 4 qts. Do everyrhing you can to keep the fluid cool. Especially for a track car.

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