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05 GT vs. 86 Omni GLHS vs. 87 CSX

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for those of you that aren't familiar with the Shelby Dodges, I think a brief history of these cars is necessary before I begin. These cars were very fast for their day, and are still considered fast by todays standards. In the mid 80's, Shelby did some of his own tuners. adding turbos and intercoolers and Koni's. Stock, these cars were pushing 13 psi and about 200 hp. this is extremely easy to bypass the computer and add 100 hp with a $15 part.
anyway, to the story.
Once a month the Lone Star Shelby Dodge guys get together to hang out and compare notes on their cars and bench race. you get the idea. one of the my friends in an Omni GLHS asked what i was driving and i told him the red 05 GT. he was half joking, half serious when he wanted to go run em. I was game. I know his past cars ran 13's (4 cylinders) so, i was expecting a good race.
we go to a warehouse district and i give him the advantages. the jump and a half a car to start. even though i knew i would take him from the dig. we line up 3 wide, CSX on my left and GLHS on my right. And sure enough, half way through 2nd gear i was past the GLHS and CSX. but, at the top of 3rd the CSX was gaining on me. we ran out of road, but he was slowly creeping up on me.
we turn around and do it again the other direction. same thing happens. Kevin (GLHS) decides to try it from a roll. that would make a better race, so he wanted 10 mph. it wasn't much, but okay. we don't have a lot of road to deal with, so 10 is cool. he brake boosts and launches at 10. then i punch it and although it took a little longer, i was past both of them and the CSX was inching up closer.
we were just funning around, but their cars sure are quick. I think it would have been a close race for me and the CSX if it was a 1/4 mile strip. we were probably running around 1000 feet.
but some good kills and i got a good feel for what my car can do. Chris (CSX) ran a best time of 8.9 in the 1/8. So, i feel confidant in my driving to get down to the mid 8's.

6 runs, 6 wins.

their brakes were smoking when we were done too.
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