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Well, I finally got the GT back from the paint shop. I've created an animal:happyhapp
I added a CDC classic chin spoiler, a xenon hood scoop, and CDC rear window louvers. If you look closely at the second picture, you can see the black panel I had painted on the hood, right off a '69 Mach 1. I came in 1-1/2" from the edge of the hood crease, added a 1/4" stripe, 1/4" space, the black for the remainder. They clear coated the entire hood afterwards with two coats of clear. You can't even feel the striping. :laughlitt Then they installed the scoop over the finished hood. I also had them remove and paint the rocker panels, rear spoiler, and the lower lip of the rear bumper cover black, then clearcoat the entire panel. I'ts very subtle, but has the effect of thinning out the car, if you know what I mean. They also painted the chin spoiler and installed it. I did the rear window louvers myself. I'm impressed, no rattles or squeaks. The only problem I had was fitting the outboard clips between the glass and the body. I had to file them down a hair to get them to fit.
They were supposed to put some stripes on the side of the car, just under the scallop, but they didn't get the right one in, and we decided to hold off.
All in all, it was worth the wait. Total cost for paint and parts was about 1800 dollars. I promised my wife I'd wait for the K&N CAI. After all, she needs to get me something for Christmas!
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Could you possibly email me some pics- especially the rear 3/4 view...the black lower trim line was on my list of things wanted too- and rear slats- and black rear wing...dunno if its my computer settings or what, but pics in here look grainy...would love to see a good hi-res pic...cant tell, but did you use gloss or semi? I'm wantin semigloss rockers/lower line/rear panel/wing...

question, from the rear, can you see any daylight under the top louver? got a pic from a supplier a while back, didnt appear to fit too tight...might still try to make a set closer to my 69 set...we'll see. car aint even here yet...I still want to pull my windows, and put 69 emblems there...see here:
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