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05 Mustang Shift Lever Paint Peeling-Help!

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I've searched the threads here and can't quite find anything that helps me. The shift lever on my 05 (auto tranny) is peeling at the top seam. From what I've read this seems to be a pretty common problem, but no one has quite come up with a solution.

I've looked at aftermarket levers but I'm not really a fan, I like the stock look. I went to my local dealer and I have to order the ENTIRE mechanism, which is about $250.00 which isn't worth it.

Any help?!

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Paint it

Well, my dad's a mechanic. I haven't tried to paint it, but he says the paint will just chip off in a year like it is now. I'm not so sure I believe him.
Yeah it's actually just one screw that holds it on, and the problem is, it doesn't seem to be an easily found color. It's grey, but matte. And matching I normally wouldn't be concerned with matching it to the original, but the bezel around the shifter is the same color.

I ordered a totally new shifter from a member here, and I'm attempting to find a wiring harness but seem to be striking out there as well, and so I'm having a local fabric shop construct a leather snap on cover, out of the same color as my interior. We'll see how things turn out...
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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