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05 V6 Radio shut off then Dash then......

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Hey All,

So tonight I was driving home with the wife and the Radio shut off then a min later Dash lights (except speed & tach) then 2 mins later headlights then a couple mins later the motor? The Alternator was replaced 4 months ago.

Weird part was I had my son come by with my Taurus and I was eventually able to jump the car and get it home. From where it died to my house was 5 mins in the dark with lights on. Got home shut it off and it started right up??

Tested battery and it appears to be fine. 14v showing when motor is running Im baffled. No Batt light. Im not sure on the warning cause the steppers are going bad in the dash ....

Wife just got home and said she saw the bat light come on twice but went away.... anyway looking for any pointers or starting points for when the sun comes up

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Sure sounds like the alternator. I would pull it off and get it tested
Second that. It's the alternator. Same thing happened to me basically.

Same thing just happened to me. I just replaced with an oreilly ultima select new. Hear bad stories abt some refurbs. What brand is your new/current alt? warranty? Place you bot it from shld be able to test it no charge. A few threads on this forum with instructions. G O Stang got you coverd.
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