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06 mustang convertible

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Hi all, iv just purchased an 06 mustang convertible im wondering how the soft top is for driving during the winter, where
I live we get real cold winters and sometimes lots of snowfall , my question ia not about the handling of the car I understand that part im not new to rear wheel driving im concerened about the soft top during winter and what I can do to prevent damage to the top and keep the interrior warm as I am driving the car occasionally all year.
All comments are appreciated
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I have had year round verts in the past. Don't scrape the roof with anything but your gloves, or throw a car cover on the nights that the snow is significant. As for keeping the interior warm, run the heater, keep the windows and roof closed.
Good advice from Bopper.

Get yourself a blue plastic painter's tarp (8x10) and some bungee cords as a car cover. Don't let too much snow accumulate (that is, don't let a foot of snow or more accumulate) because it can get heavy and stretch the fabric. I see that around Boston where someone will let their Jeep sit all winter in the city with 2 feet of heavy snow on the rag top. In the springtime, the car has a sagging roof.
If you also let the snow build up there's the possibility of bending/ damaging the top mechanism.

It always a good idea to clean and protect the top, I use raggtopp products. You need to figure out if you have cloth or vinyl top and get the appropriate product. Raggtopp Convertible Top Care Kit - Vinyl: Automotive

It's probably not a good idea to put the top down if its too cold.
I'm from Edmonton and I am fortunate not to have to drive my vert n the better have some darn good snow tires...our roads are darn slippery . I would put a good protectant on the top.You can buy them on eBay...cleaner+protectant.....i also saw it at freedom ford some time ago.Do you have a garage? You might want to invest in a good quality car cover.I wouldn't want a rear drive vert in our icy snowy winters.Good it a Gt? Post some pics
Cold you ask?How's -40 celcius this past week with windchill???Warming up to +1 Monday
Saw your pic in your profile .see you have a pro charger....that's a lot of power to the rear wheels for our icy careful
tarp as a car cover/???????????????????????????????
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