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06 mustang convertible

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Hi all, iv just purchased an 06 mustang convertible im wondering how the soft top is for driving during the winter, where
I live we get real cold winters and sometimes lots of snowfall , my question ia not about the handling of the car I understand that part im not new to rear wheel driving im concerened about the soft top during winter and what I can do to prevent damage to the top and keep the interrior warm as I am driving the car occasionally all year.
All comments are appreciated
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Good advice from Bopper.

Get yourself a blue plastic painter's tarp (8x10) and some bungee cords as a car cover. Don't let too much snow accumulate (that is, don't let a foot of snow or more accumulate) because it can get heavy and stretch the fabric. I see that around Boston where someone will let their Jeep sit all winter in the city with 2 feet of heavy snow on the rag top. In the springtime, the car has a sagging roof.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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