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'08 GT gearbox noise.

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Hopefully someone out there can help me on this. I have a 2008 GT with manual transmission, when I sit at 30 mph there seems to be a groaning noise, when I take my foot off the gas the noise goes likewise when I put my foot back on the gas it goes, it only happens like I said sat steady at 30 mph. I've also noticed something rubbing on the metal plate between engine and gearbox near the flywheel. I've had to put two washers in between to stop this happening. This is not ideal I know but I'm very limited to who I can take the car to here in England. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Can you provide some more information - does the noise happen in any specific gear or all gears? This will help us determine if it's a certain gear in the gearbox or if its related to a certain driveline vibration frequency.

Pictures will help with your rubbing issue. What exactly is making contact?
Right, so the plate *shouldn't* be contacting anything...just FYI there are two dowel pins pressed into the engine block on the left and right sides of the bellhousing mounting area. The plate would locate on these dowels, and then when the transmission is installed, the transmission-to-engine bolts mate the assembly together and the plate will be squeezed between the engine and transmission. There will also be two bolts used at the very bottom of the plate whose sole purpose is to hold the plate onto the transmission so it doesn't flap about there shouldn't even really be a place to add washers unless you have backed out one of the said bolts, added the washers, and tightened back up. Again, were you able to see specifically what was contacting the plate?

It sounds like the two issues are distinct and not related?

Vibration is tough man. I deal with it every day at work and it's often a mystery, especially without doing exploratory work or even seeing/hearing the problem. Yours could be stemming from any number of things like bearings, clutch wear, etc...
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