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09 glass roof shade won't close / open

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The wife's '09 has the glass roof option with the retractable pull shade. We had it replaced once under warranty when the wires popped I believe, it would not roll up when opened. Apparently an aftermarket co. made these for Ford because we had to wait for the day that the tech trained on them was in the dealership.

Now 1-2 yrs. later and out of warranty the shade is getting stuck closed and currently is stuck open and I can't pull it forward. I'm guessing somethings off track, cord popped or some type of retractor spring is broke/ stuck.

Before I pull down all the plastic surround molding to get a better look, has anyone fixed theirs before and have any tips? We use it very often and really enjoy the glass roof option and it's rarity, just wish the shade would work properly and consistently.
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Rare? That is cool, never seen a Mustang with a glass roof. Can you post a pic?
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