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1 piece DS ?s

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I’ve been working, and upgrading LS based cars for about 14 yrs now. My latest project is an 04 GTO. One of the upgrades I’ve done, is a 1 piece driveshaft, and with GTOs there seem more draw backs then positives . From limitation on MPH, and RPM to vibrations in the drive train.

What are the +/- of a 1 piece in our cars. Are they worth it. I like that immediate throttle response you get from them and transfer of power, but if there are too many draw backs I’ll stick with OEM.

Immediate plans are intake, exhaust E85 intake manifold and tune. Future upgrades a nitrous plate system.

Any and all comments and advice welcomed.
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Sure, have heard of problems with that swap. Had friend driving out to Track Attack in Las Vegas (sp?). Just put in new one piece and it was shot by time he got there. Can’t recall what was re-replaced with- think went back to 2 section. Something about too much pinion angle going straight from point A to B?
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