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1 piece DS ?s

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I’ve been working, and upgrading LS based cars for about 14 yrs now. My latest project is an 04 GTO. One of the upgrades I’ve done, is a 1 piece driveshaft, and with GTOs there seem more draw backs then positives . From limitation on MPH, and RPM to vibrations in the drive train.

What are the +/- of a 1 piece in our cars. Are they worth it. I like that immediate throttle response you get from them and transfer of power, but if there are too many draw backs I’ll stick with OEM.

Immediate plans are intake, exhaust E85 intake manifold and tune. Future upgrades a nitrous plate system.

Any and all comments and advice welcomed.
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That's strange since from my understanding these issues are actually what a 1 piece shaft is usually installed in Mustangs to alleviate. The Mustang 2 piece shaft with the carrier bearing has a MPH limitation and it's known to vibrate from failed carrier bearing bushings sometimes even in cars with lower mileage.
I'm not a fan of E85 but to each their own: E85 Conversion | Ford Mustang -
First off thanks for your response. This is what I’m looking for as far as information. I know that each manufacturer is different so the reason I’m asking. It’s been a long time since I’ve have a Ford so getting reintroduced to the product and learning the Dos and Don’ts.
I’ve done E85 conversion on my C5 and this GTO, so that’s something I’m educated on, and what it brings to the table as far as being able to make power with it. But on LS base cars is a PIA doing the conversion. Fuel pump injectors and you’re stuck with a tune once it’s done. The great thing, that I learned about these cars, on model years ‘18s and newer. You can do a flex tune, that will pick up if you’re running E85 or regular fuel and adjust accordingly. Which is a great convenience, that LS based cars are not capable of.
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Sure, have heard of problems with that swap. Had friend driving out to Track Attack in Las Vegas (sp?). Just put in new one piece and it was shot by time he got there. Can’t recall what was re-replaced with- think went back to 2 section. Something about too much pinion angle going straight from point A to B?
Yeah the pinion angle is something with these solid DS that can destroy them easily. I had to pitch mine by 14* on the GTO for it to run right and stop the vibration I was experiencing. Thanks for the heads up.
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in the earlier years (S197 2005-2014) the one-piece driveshaft was mainly to eliminate the rotating mass of the factory boat anchor driveshaft, and the losses caused by the extra joint in the middle. On the other hand, the factory driveshaft was usually a lot smoother and easier for pinion angle adjustment; because the driveline angles in the S197 are screwed up and that extra joint helps to make the whole system more forgiving.

In the S550 chassis, I woulda thunk, that they woulda fixed the drivetrain angles and the two-piece driveshaft would not be needed ... apparently not.

So, the one piece driveshaft does save weight and reduces drivetrain losses, but the pinion angle becomes more critical and other changes like lowering the car can throw it off.
I think the 2 piece is a cost saving part. They are made of steel heavy and cheap. The lowering is a big issue with solid DS. My GTO is lowered, lowering springs in back and coil overs in front. Another reason why I had to adjust pitch angle. I’m going to have to research this because I do like the lowered stance on cars, and while I’m not going to go crazy on mods. I like the throttle response and transfer of power you get. But I’ve played the high HP game with my C5 and the more you make the more you break. Not doing that with the 5.0.
Thanks again great points
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