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10% Ethanol ?????

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Stopped at my normal gas station this morning and am happily pumping away (7cents off on Premium on Tuesdays) when I notice they've re-logo'd all the pumps. They now say "93 Octane (with 10% ethanol)"


I immediately stopped pumping. I'm sure it's a non-issue with a stock car, but how is that additive going to affect my 93-Octane-tuned pride and joy? Should I shy away from it, or is this OK?? Does affect the actual octane rating?

I need some gas experts!! um-gasoline, that is.

EDIT: Yeah, let me add that being in the sunny south, we don't run winter mixes or such. I guess maybe this is common elsewhere????
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aren't all the "top tier" gasolines 10% ethanol?

pertinent info:
TOP TIER Gasoline Retailers:

Entec Stations
MFA Oil Company
Kwik Trip/Kwik Star
The Somerset Refinery, Inc.
Chevron-Canada Base Fuel. The base fuel shall conform to ASTM D 4814 and shall contain commercial fuel grade ethanol conforming to ASTM D 4806. All gasoline blend stocks used to formulate the base fuel shall be representative of normal U.S. refinery operations and shall be derived from conversion units downstream of distillation. Butanes and pentanes are allowed for vapor pressure adjustment. The use of chemical streams is prohibited. The base fuel shall have the following specific properties after the addition of ethanol:
  1. Contain enough denatured ethanol such that the actual ethanol content is no less than 8.0 and no more than 10.0 volume percent.
  2. Contain no less than 8 volume percent olefins. At least 75% of the olefins shall be derived from FCC gasoline as defined by CARB (advisory letter, April 19, 2001).
  3. Contain no less than 28 volume percent aromatics.
  4. Contain no less than 48 mg/kg sulfur. At least 60% of the sulfur shall be derived from FCC blend stock.
  5. Produce a 90% evaporation distillation temperature no less than 290°F.
  6. Produce IVD no less than 500 mg averaged over all intake valves.
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