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ultraclyde said:
Stopped at my normal gas station this morning and am happily pumping away (7cents off on Premium on Tuesdays) when I notice they've re-logo'd all the pumps. They now say "93 Octane (with 10% ethanol)"


I immediately stopped pumping. I'm sure it's a non-issue with a stock car, but how is that additive going to affect my 93-Octane-tuned pride and joy? Should I shy away from it, or is this OK?? Does affect the actual octane rating?

I need some gas experts!! um-gasoline, that is.

EDIT: Yeah, let me add that being in the sunny south, we don't run winter mixes or such. I guess maybe this is common elsewhere????
I remember a couple years back they were adding Ethanol to gas, but for some reason stopped it. Up here in north country we get summer mixes to keep down the smog. I think you guys have it year round.
Funny because I read that it takes more energy to produce Ethanol from the start that regular gas.
Did you happen to check the manual on Ethanol in these cars?
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