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+ 100 MPH 'accident' in an 05

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You see the idiots we deal with out here... Least no injuries are life threating.
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Thank the Lord no one was critically injured or killed! :worship
What a jackass that person is - hope they get thrown in the slammer for a while for that stupid move - it's the only way to prevent this kind of idiotic behavior.
Well, it goes to show we have a pretty safe vehicle!
Hoodlum said:
You see the idiots we deal with out here... Least no injuries are life threating.
Too bad for the people in the other car, but I have no pity for the ones in the mustang
Hoodlum said:
You see the idiots we deal with out here... Least no injuries are life threating.
Funny how it sounds like the mustang was at fault,

"According to authorities, a Ford Mustang passed a Virginia State Trooper on I-264 at Laskin Road going 110 miles per hour."

"WAVY News 10 is told the Mustang was going approximately 100 miles per hour at the time of the crash"

like the people just happened to be in the Mustang when it started going 110 mph.
I guess the mustang thought he could beat anything.
anyway, glad no one was killed, but that mustang is in big trouble.
I wonder how old the kids were that were driving. I'm saying kids cuz what semi-responsible adult/young adult would do 100 mph through an intersection? At least keep those speeds restricted to a highway.:sterb:

and just for the heck of it:kooky: LOL
judging from the wreckage it was a v6. But you can bet when the alarmists start crowing, it will be against those "overpowered v8 sportscars," not the irresponsible, under educated kids. Not too many years ago, the state of GA decided that from their statistics that too many 16 yr olds were dying in crashes. Their response? More training for a license? requirement of real defensive driving classes? no, they raised the driving age to 17. WTF??!! yeah, I guess that keeps 16 yr olds from dying as much, but are our roads really safer? The only thing that breeds good driving is instruction and experience. I was lucky enough to get that from my father (imagine putting a 15yr old in a 74 ford p/u in a wet parking lot and saying "okay, get it sideways." !!) I guess it's much easier for the state to dodge responsibility for those skills than to teach them.

Okay, stepping down off the soapbox. Heck, ya can't teach responsibility, only skills.
My father did similar with me. Took my 1982 El Camino to our bus yard when it was all covered with snow & ice & purposefully had me get it sideways to learn how to control it. Then started at one end, got up to 20-30 mph & put on the emergency break... that sorta stuff. I was lucky in that when I learned how to drive, I learned to drive a stick with my mother & then learned how to drive a vehicle down the road by two of our School bus driver trainers. Only had a couple of points deducted when I took my driving test (years ago now).

I have to wonder the age of the indiviuals involved in that crash... and whether or not some sort of controled substance wasnt involved. Completely irresponsible on the drivers part... they're just lucky to have lived. Some folks will just be idiots behind the wheel no matter what car you put them in, however... just too bad that we, as a community, have to take the wrap for that sort of idiotic behavior.
I guess every other state is like Florida. I know the way people drive down here in Tampa, you would think they got thier license out of a cracker jack box. Hell, my first driving lesson was with my grandfather, who was a NYC cab driver for 40 years or so, wouldn't even let me press the gas peddle. He made me idle around a parking lot for a hour; but, I gaurentee I can merge into a lane with the best of em! haha
I'll be willing to bet that the Mustang driver's behavior was more a function of alcohol (and God knows what else) than his/her age. Glad not fatalities...this time.
alcohol or not - the dirver is a moron just as some people can be no matter what they drive. Some dip s*** in a VW with a fart can wanted to race me today and we have just had a night and day of sudden heavy thunderstorms - idiot. :so
Well since I live in the area I have a little insight on the speeds and distances from which he was in. the interstate 264 is 55mph, he was going 110?!?!?! The off ramp is 25 no clue how fast he was going... Once you get off onto lynnhaven going either north or south the limit is 35, he was going 100+?!?!?!

And the intersection was not too far away from the off ramp which tells me he was going extremely fast off the ramp to even hit 100 before the intersection where was his mind!
I was late for work that day and my boss thought I was the one in that Mustang! :sosad:

In the parking lot at my job
There are about a dozen Corvettes (2 Z06s), a Viper, many Stangs including an older Cobra (94?), and a few ricers. Unfortunately the people on my floor lable me as the speed freak.
Go figure:cool:

Another note.
My office building is behind a Pontiac and a Chrysler dealership. I swear those GTOs and Crossfires never move.

Two positives:

1. No one was killed &

2. The Ford Mustang looks good considering a 100 mph collision. Kudos to Ford for building a safe car.

Now, if we only had an intelligence meter at the dealerships.
I'd say the cars met at a glancing sideswipe- hitting a deer at 100mph would have killed someone...if that mustang had t-boned the other car both would be confetti. Lucky the mustang musta had some turf room to slow down or something...unless the 100 mph was grossly exaggerated just because everyone knows what these cars can do...
Two thumbs up, you read my mind.

And might I add that it's my opinion that many people out there just don't treat a powerful car like the Mustang with due respect.
Everyone seems to be adding all sorts of mods to increase power and, in general, the car's performance (for example, I remember seeing a thread in this forum where a 13 old kid was already saving money to buy a Mustang AND to increase its horsepower to 500 hp or so...just un-frikkin-believable...and unreal seeing some people replying with stuff like "go for it": yeah sure, next step let's give the kid a revolver with one shell in the barrel and tell him to play russian roulette...).
I surely would wish that instead of spending their money to make their cars faster, they would FIRST invest some money towards taking a course in one of those racing schools: it surely beats ending up in an hospital (or worse in a funeral home)...and (I guess) it's a lot of fun, in a SAFE environment with trained professionals with (hopefully) a final result of making them understand what a car like a Mustang can do.
Also, am I the only one that feels that allowing a teenager to have a 300 hp car, sometimes as his/her first car, is the shortest way to invite disaster ???
Come on people...
OUPony said:
Two positives:

1. No one was killed &

2. The Ford Mustang looks good considering a 100 mph collision. Kudos to Ford for building a safe car.

Now, if we only had an intelligence meter at the dealerships.
Is it just me or do you guys also think the speeds have been greatly exagerated, if that little compact was T-boned at 110 mph there would be next to nothing left and the occupants would have surely been killed. The front-end on the Mustang is only half collapsed? That looks more like a 30-40 mph crash if that. I'm not an accident reconstruction dude by any strech but unless the Mustang driver scrubbed off 60-70 mph via braking prior to impact there is no way he was going 110. This is were the police (and insurance company) will love taking a gawk at the black box.
the driving age is 17 in GA? I'm 22 now so I don't really care what it is since I was grandfathered in the 'graduated' system they had implemented. But now it's 17 to drive period? when i was 16 it was from 16-17 you could not have more than 1 person in the car who wasn't family, couldn't be caught driving past midnight, and a couple other stupid rules. Needless to say I don't think that worked.
goliath - to be honest, that may still be the system . I'm 30 with no kids, so I remember hearing something about it being 17, but didn't have to go through it... I'll take your word since you had to do it.

obviously, it worked fine for you (aka - no crash damage onthe pony!!) . I'm interested you had to take any supervised hands on driving instruction?
No way they were going 100mph at time of crash.

From the look at the picture there is no friggen way they were going 100 mph at the time of the accident. Ive seen high speed accidents. Once you get over 60 or 70 mph and you have an accident involving another object (ie: tree or vehicle) there is ALOT more damage than what is in that pic.

And like none of us angels have ever gone over 100mph in our cars.
Give the guy a break. That could easily be you or me.
Thank God nobody was killed.
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