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11:1 ford 302 compression

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i have a tread about what octane i should use but heres a kicker the whole engine is a stock 1980 block with 1966 289 heads will the compression affect the internals of the engine like the rods crank bearings or pistons heres a list of exact whats in the 302

Stock cam
Stock flat toped pistons with valve reliefs
Stock rods
Stock crank

Engine bore is .030 over
Mains are .010 over
Cam is .010 over

The heads have a chamber of 54.5cc

a bonus the stock 250 289 302 starter doesnt have enough power to get it turning to start but i got it too sounds great but only had it running for a couple of secounds and turned it off. is there any strenght concerns regarding the fact every thing is a stock 1980 302 i believe i dont know if for sure it is fully stock but would it be fine with 11:1 if it is all stock?

Thanks Tom
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11:1 sounds a little high on the compression. However, there's people running blowers, turbos and ALOT of nitrous to some stock bottom ends. Unless you're running the crap out of it, I believe you'll be ok.
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