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'11 GT Mod Advice - Headers/Tune/Cams etc

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Hey guys,

Well summer is coming and I'm looking for some advice on some mods I'm considering.

I have a 2011 GT that I picked up at the end of last summer, and the original owner put in the Flowmaster Axle-Back Exhaust.

That said, a few things that I've wanted to do to this car first:

- Long Tube Headers
- Local tune (I live in Toronto)
- Cams
- Possibly replace the flowmasters with something better and pipes

Do you guys have any advice recommendations on what order to do this in? I won't be doing it all at once.
Also, I've been told that whatever I do, I should get the car turned at the same time.

What kind of gains can be expected from the above in terms of HP/Torque/Value for money.

Are there any pitfalls or things that some of these mods cause problems with in the relative future? Any other upgrades that I'll have to do after doing these things?

Look forward to talking with you guys. Thanks!
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Check on your emissions testing laws before getting long tubes, because they require you to replace the stock cats which might get you into trouble. Short tubes keep the stock cats but only make around 1/4 the power of long tubes. Other then headers, the dyno testing shown here should tell you everything you need to know about NA power (it's on an engine dyno with longtubes)

Coyote Engine Tech: 4 Bumpsticks for Big Power

Basically all NA power adders take your low end power and move it up top.
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What are your goals with the car?
Generally you don't want to do cams at all unless you're never going to add boost and want as much power NA as possible. And in that case I'd do a cobra jet intake before you do cams, cams should be pretty much last.
This probably isn't what you want to hear but I would also look into doing some suspension and tire work before tacking on too much power. Otherwise you'll have loads of power but not be able to use it because you can't hook up to the pavement. I did rear LCAs, adjustable panhard bar, struts, shocks, springs and then the JLT CAI and a 93 octane tune, and never had an issue spinning the tires when I didn't want to. When I was 100% stock I would spin all the time which got pretty annoying. Just my 2 cents, happy modding!
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