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17" Bullits with Pony Spinner

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I am considering switching my wheels to the 17" polished bullit wheels with pony spinners that Ford offers. I have a Torch Red GT premium convertible with factory bullits. Does anyone purchased these wheels and have pictures that they can share along with suggestions? I will only drive in summer. Thanks!
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Here they are on a satin silver coupe. Tell the dealer Ford Racing sells them for $210 each (including spinners and lugs) and they will meet that price. Tell whoever installs them to use a terry cloth towel to protect the finish as they scratch easily with tire changing machine tools. They're easier to clean than the 10 spoke minivan wheels they replace.


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Access to lugs

Any downside? How do you access all the lugs? Are the spinners chrome?
Mica said:
Any downside? How do you access all the lugs? Are the spinners chrome?
The FORD spinners are chrome plastic. If you want real chrome spinners you'll need to go after-market on the spinners. I just ordered a set of chromed aluminum locking spinners from BRS Parts. They cost more (about $140) but they lock securely on the wheels and look awesome. You can also securely insert your Ford or appropriate after-market center caps in them so you're not just limited to Pony's or the Ford oval

Here's a pic of the BRS spinners with an 05 Ford blue oval center cap installed in it:

BRS Spinners
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