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17 Inch Rims versus 18's, and other concerns?

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My local Ford dealer just got in a car that is almost the exact car that I want, except for the Roof color, Mach 500, and the 17 inch rims.

For those who forgot, I desire a Parchment over Tungsten GT Premium with 18's (Non Bullits) with the shaker 1000.

I know I may be able to get a better deal on a car sitting on the dealers lot than one I order, especially in February in Michigan, since the car will likely have a longer shelf life here than in a Southern State. I just wonder if it would be worth the sacrifice. I am now torn on what color roof I want, b/c the black roof on the car looks sharp. I am more concerned about the rims and the shaker 500. I think I would like the bigger rims and for that matter the "bigger" audio.

What are your thoughts, is the 500 adequate, and what about the smaller rims? they are the 17 inch non bullits. So, they sort of have the look I desire.

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If you like it go for it, unless you want a long wait, I have the 18" wheels, but I don't think the 17's are going to be much different. The 18's cost about 800 more as well as the tires you will have to replace them with will cost you more. As far as the shaker, do you really need 1000 watts vs 500? I got the regular stock radio (150watts) which I can replace with a better radio at half the cost of the shaker.

Whatever you decide, good luck with it!
Thanks, I think I may go test drive this car, just b/c it is close to what I want. Who knows, maybe it will follow me home...eventually! I am really dragging my feet aren't I!

Thanks for all of your help with all my inquiries! :worship
don't settle

Don't settle for anything less than what you want. You live in Michigan so you probably won't be driving it for the next 2-3 months anyway. Order exactly what you want and you will be happier in the long run. Besides, if you buy now and don't drive it you will have to store and insure it to sit in your garage. That will be hard to look at everyday and not drive it. I know, mine is sitting in the garage just begging to be run. I live in Minnesota [road salt capital] and will take it out in the spring after the first few good rain falls.
You are spending a lot of money,so don't get something you "like" order something you've draemed about. But, as always this is just my opinion.
You've caught the Mustang bug and it hard to wait for the cure!!
If it's a black top and parchment interior I think you should go for it. A parchment roof would be a b!tch to keep clean. My black one is hard enough.
Maybe it's time to re-evaluate what you really want on the car. I agree with waiting to order so you get exactly what you want BUT maybe what you thought you wanted is that important. In referencing the sound system... I ordered the Shaker 500 and I think it will be more than enough for my needs. I couldn't see paying $1200 more for a good system that I could probably get cheaper down the road if I wanted more wattage. Keep in mind that your trunk will be smaller with the convertible and throwing in subs and amps will take away even more room. Trunk space might not be an issue for you since it is a Mustang but it will limit you. I prefer the Fan Blade 18's so ordering was the way to go for me. Just weigh your options on the deal you can get on the car that's available now versus the one that you think you want to order. Either way you'll have an awesome ride.

Have a good one!
Thanks for all of the help. Ultimately, right now I think I am going to wait, so I can put a bigger dent in the down payment of the car. I would like to make my payments as low as possible. I am going to be "fit to be tied" when I actually do order, and I think I am leaning that way now, since I think if I do not get it the way I want it, I will always be saying "what if."

thanks again!
If you have the time ,drop back a few pages and check out some of the posts which folks have featured their cars with and with out personal mods.There you might see might a tire/wheel combo that suits your taste.While your making payments for the next several years,make an effort to get what want,$2000 for a trick set of wheels/tires can serverly upset any positive cash flow.
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